Kleit koerale: kuidas suurust täpselt määrata

Kleit koerale: kuidas suurust täpselt määrata

Dress for a dog – this outfit, no doubt, looks very cute. The time has passed when clothes for dogs were something unusual or something purely practical. Why not dress your pet in elegant dresses in honor of any festive events or even ordinary walks? But it’s not enough just to buy an outfit, you also need to be able to choose it correctly. Let’s talk about this in more detail and consider the dog dress catalog: https://chudoshop.ru/category/plate-dlia-sobaki

General recommendations for selection dog dress

Before, before buying a dress, you need to consider the following recommendations:

  • Dress for the dog it is very important to choose the right size. Of course, if the dog long-haired, worth considering some reserve for her. But not too big, because the dress in chilly weather should help keep heat. Too tight dress also does not suitable – a great chance to cause irritation skin, and wool will be crushed. Movements will be constrained, which is for sure will not add to the pet the desire to walk in a similar outfit.
  • Fixing elements are a great solution that will allow the dress to hold securely on animal, somewhat adjust its degree of adherence. But important make sure that the fasteners are not dug into the skin, did not interfere. Carefully it is worth considering the selection of elements – so, Velcro will not work long-haired dogs. For them, it is most appropriate to choose clothes with hooks, buttons, buttons. But representatives of short-haired breeds everything will fit.
  • Decorative elements are not the best that can be present on the clothing of the animal. After all, the dog is quite capable of tearing and swallow some bead. Or chew on lace. However, dresses are more often it’s hard to imagine without such additional elements. Especially holiday. В In this case, it is worth keeping an eye on so that the decor is on the back – in in this position, it will not harm doggy. Or worth checking out when buying carefully goods. It doesn’t even hurt to pull for beads or sequins.
  • rustling dresses are not the best choice. How practice shows, they often irritate animals. Besides the constant loud noise allows you to hear what going around.
  • Stitches shouldn’t be rough. Otherwise case on the pet’s skin will appear irritation. Especially in those cases when the dog is shorthaired. What if the seams will be external – generally perfect!

Material: what can be used

RџSЂRё creating dresses for doggy manufacturers often use the following materials:

  • Linen – perfectly protects from ultraviolet radiation. In hot weather, wear a linen dress – what you need! In addition, flax will protect against unpleasant odors and soothe irritations. A real eco-friendly fabric! It is even believed that it strengthens the immune system. As for strength, linen also shows itself remarkably from this side, so clothes made from it are worn for a really long time.
  • Cotton is another environmentally friendly material. It breathes beautifully and is incredibly pleasant to the touch. The dog will definitely be comfortable in a similar dress. As practice shows, electrification does not appear, which is very important in the case of long-haired breeds. And if the weather is chilly, it will also be warm in such clothes, since cotton retains it perfectly.
  • Chintz is another option for a natural fabric that will not cause irritation and will be pleasant in hot weather. It is lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch. The body “breathes” in it perfectly. For all its airiness, the chintz does not stretch, so you can be sure that the pet carries the dress from it for a long time. Also, the chintz does not “crumble”.
  • Viscose is very light, and even twice as light as cotton! Perfectly passes air, is not inclined to be electrified. It fits very nicely to the body, so even the most selective dog will be satisfied. It does not roll and does not shed, so clothes can retain their original appearance for a long time.
  • Silk – is famous for the fact that in the summer it is completely cool in clothes made of it. At the same time, in chilly weather, it is not cold in a silk dress. Incredibly durable fabric that wears well. And what kind of dresses made of silk – you can talk about this for a long time! A great choice for any holiday outfit.
  • Velvet is another fabric that looks extremely beneficial. And which at the same time is very pleasant to wear – it is perfectly perceived by the skin, does not electrify the coat, and passes air without problems. Keeps its shape for a very long time – velvet is not prone to deformation, does not “sit down”. Does not cause allergic reactions. However, any dirt or even dust is attracted to velvet just instantly, so you have to constantly take care of it.
  • Velveteen is a noble and creative looking fabric. Her dress is simply amazing! Velvet is very pleasant to the touch, durable, worn for a long time, does not stretch. If it is chilly outside, it is able to warm, so in cool weather this dress will definitely come in handy. However, just like velvet, it easily attracts dust.
  • Knitwear – it makes first-class demi-season dresses. Warms the animal, but at the same time allows its skin to “breathe”. At the same time, the dog has no chance to sweat even with active movement, since the knitwear actively breaks up with excess heat. It is hygienic, soft, durable, does not accumulate static electricity at all. And it will be very easy for the owner to take care of such a dog’s wardrobe item!
  • Velor is a good choice for every day. This fabric is worn for a long time, durable, does not stretch. And it stays that way for years! Velor is pleasant to the touch. It allows the skin to “breathe”, but at the same time it is able to warm if necessary. It looks incredibly beautiful thanks to the pretty highlights that it casts.
  • Denim fabric – a dress made of it looks stylish. In addition, jeans are practical – they are able to protect from the wind, but at the same time do not create a vapor effect. Not electrified at all. Dust, by the way, absolutely does not stick to denim. Great choice for every day!
  • Tulle fabric – often this fabric is used to create dresses with puffy skirts a la princess. You can’t call it practical, but it is able to create an airy image. At the same time, it is very light, easy to care for, well breathable.

Dog dress: as accurately determine the size

For so that ilus clothes were also comfortable, it follows correctly calculate their sizes:

  • For First you need to measure the length back. After the dog gets up calmly, you need to attach a centimeter tape to the withers and continue it to the base tail. Even though the dresses mainly intended for representatives small breeds, still at the service of the standard It is better not to resort to a dimensional grid. Even in found within the same breed individuals of different sizes, so it is better to take measurements carefully.
  • Coverage neck, generally consistent coverage collar. But at the same time, one must take into account that from the neck of the dress is absolutely not requires such a tight fit which happens in the case of a collar. You can make an extra.
  • Next you need to measure the chest. Tape should be applied to the widest parts of it, then embracing.
  • Also It is useful to measure the girth of the abdomen. For this centimeter tape is installed in front of the front paws of the animal.
  • It remains compare the results with the data indicated in the size tables. Tables, by the way, can be like universal as well as individual from a specific manufacturer. If there are doubts – for example, data do not match exactly what is suggested. numbers – it is better to make a choice to the side larger value.

Girl always remains a girl, even if she and is a dog. Therefore there is nothing surprising in that the hosts often touched, dressing their favorites in cute replicas of human dresses. The main thing is to buy exactly what the pet is wearing. will not only look beautiful, but and feel great.

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