Anatoolia kass

Anatoolia kass

Characteristics of Anatolian Cat

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KÕRGUSkuni 28 cm
Kaal2.5–4.5 kg
vanus12–17 aastat vana
Anatolian Cat Characteristics

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  • These cats are quite quiet, they won’t meow for no particular reason;
  • They love water;
  • Sociable and affectionate;
  • Another name for the breed is the Turkish Shorthair.


The Anatolian cat is an aboriginal breed, its ancestors are wild cats that lived around Lake Van, located on the Armenian Highlands in Turkey. In fact, a person did not participate in the selection of these feline representatives, they developed naturally. The result was animals with good health, a lively mind and excellent character.

Anatolian cats are known for their meek and quiet disposition. They will never intrusively pester the owner in the hope that he will pay attention to them. On the contrary, self-sufficient Anatolian cats will find something to their liking. Nevertheless, they appreciate human society: surprisingly, representatives of this breed are very fond of “talking” and use a whole range of various sounds for this. Each of them means some kind of request or offer, so over time, the owner of the cat will probably learn to understand the pet.

Another amazing quality of Anatolian cats is their love of water. Owners should not be surprised if a pet suddenly jumps into a bathtub full of water, or plays with a trickle from a tap for a long time. Water attracts them in any form.


The hind legs of Anatolian cats are slightly longer than the front ones. This body structure makes pets excellent jumpers. Climb on the highest cabinet and watch what is happening in the apartment? No problem! One jump – and now the cat settles comfortably upstairs. By the way, representatives of this breed will be happy with all kinds of labyrinths and structures at a height.

Anatolian cats are quite supportive of training : they love to complete tasks and do it quite successfully. They say that a pet of this breed is easy to teach the “Aport” command.

With children, representatives of the breed are affectionate and gentle, they will not show aggression towards the baby. Most likely, the pet will become an ideal purring nanny. Since Anatolians are quite sociable and non-confrontational, they easily find a common language with other animals. However, in order to avoid embarrassing situations, it is worth introducing them gradually.

Anatolian Cat Care

Anatolian cats have a short coat that does not require careful care. But in order to keep the pet’s skin healthy and the coat soft, it is necessary to comb it out weekly with a massage brush.

Anatolian cats have good health. To keep your pet active and playful, choose your food carefully. It must be balanced and of high quality. You should also carefully monitor portions to prevent the development of obesity. However, genetically representatives of this breed are not inclined to be overweight.

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Representatives of this breed do not need any special conditions and will live quite comfortably in an apartment. So that the cat does not get bored, staying at home alone, buy her several different toys , and even better, install a play complex at home.

Anatolian Cat – Video

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