Arauka kanad: tõu omadused, isendite hooldamine, aretuse ja toitumise tunnused

Arauka kanad: tõu omadused, isendite hooldamine, aretuse ja toitumise tunnused

The homeland of these chickens are the countries of Southeast Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Japan. Initially, the breed was created for a purely practical application – obtaining meat and eggs. Later, with the advent of exotic features (the structure of the feather, its color, length, etc.), the breed became decorative. The first mention of Araucan chickens appeared in 1526, but became widespread throughout the world only 400 years later.

Almost immediately, the birds of this breed became popular with farmers and amateur poultry farmers due to the unusual color of the eggs. Eggs with a blue shell were considered healing. Turquoise-colored eggs are obtained as a result of the breakdown of chicken hemoglobin in bile, which gives them a greenish tint. In fact, the chicken lays eggs ready for the celebration of Easter.

If you cross Araucan with another decorative species – Maran, you can get testicles of a very interesting, unusually beautiful color – olive green. Although in terms of quality and properties, the eggs of chickens of this breed are no different from the rest, it is the unusual color of the shell that attracts buyers.

The Indians of South America valued the Araucan cockerels for their fighting disposition and lack of tail plumage, since the tail, in their opinion, prevented the roosters from participating in battles.

Tõu kirjeldus

The first sign of these amazing birds is lack of tail, although it should be noted that only German Araucans have this feature, representatives of the English and American types have a tail. These birds are also called amarukans. Representatives of the American selection were obtained by crossing with chickens of other breeds, in order to increase productivity and improve the economic qualities of the bird.

Another interesting “sign” that causes genuine surprise – tufts of feathers sticking out near the earlobes and reminiscent of a chic hussar mustache. This type gives the bird a special charm. Sometimes there are Araucans additionally having “whiskers” with a “beard” also made of feathers. According to the shape and location of the plumage on the head, chickens of European selection are divided into those with:

  • “hussar mustaches” symmetrically located on both sides of the head;
  • in addition to the graceful “mustache” there is also a “beard;
  • only “beard” and “whiskers”.

The English type is distinguished by the presence of a crest on the head.

The head of Araucany is small, with a small, slightly curved beak, eyes are orange or red. The scallop is shaped like a pea, the earlobes and earrings are small. Due to its small size, the comb will not freeze in the cold season. The body is dense, short, with a wide chest and a straight back. Neck of medium length. The legs are short, featherless, blue-green in color. Small wings that fit snugly to the body, as well as the body itself covered with plumage of various shades: golden, greenish blue, white, black, red. A successful combination of all these colors creates an unusually beautiful bird, at the sight of which no one will remain indifferent.

Породы кур

Breed indicators

An Araucan chicken can lay about 180 eggs in a year, but due to an underdeveloped maternal instinct, it is unlikely that they will want to hatch them.

The weight of the testicles is small – only 50 gr. Eggs can be pink, olive green, blue or turquoise.

According to the breeders of the breed, Araucan meat is much tastier than that of ordinary chickens. The weight of cockerels reaches 2 kg, hens grow up to 1,7 kg.

Вахрамеев А.Б. Яйца это наше всё!

Keeping ornamental chickens

Araucan chickens practically do not require any special conditions of detention. They feel great both on free grazing and in special poultry cages. Chickens have a calm, non-conflict nature, unlike cockerels, who behave quite aggressively in the poultry yard, easily get into a fight, and show intolerance to any rivalry. It should also be remembered that in order to preserve the “purity” of the Araucan breed of chickens, it is better to settle them separately.

Araucans on hea tervis, good adaptation to any conditions, incredible endurance, which is especially noticeable when growing young animals. Cages are equipped with drinkers, feeders, perches (30 cm per individual), nests at the rate of one nest for 5 hens.

Chicken coops must be regularly cleaned and disinfected to avoid various diseases and poultry mortality.

If the bird is free-range, it is necessary to make a canopy. It will protect chickens from the scorching heat of the sun, and also protect against the attack of birds of prey. The courtyard where the bird is kept is fenced with a chain-link mesh.

Мехельнская порода кур и Арауканы. Живой дом 101.


Araucan chickens need to be provided with good nutrition, which includes a complex of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements. To ensure the smooth operation of the gastrointestinal tract, the bird must have constant access to small pebbles, gravel, coarse sand.

In winter, to maintain the vitamin balance, you need to add coniferous flour to the feed. Also, depending on the season, chickens must be provided with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. Vitamins are also needed by a living organism, as well as minerals. In addition, they perfectly complement each other, providing the individual with everything necessary for full growth and development. Bird should eat at least 3 times a day, in order to ensure high egg production. Moreover, in the morning and in the evening they give dry grain fodder, and in the afternoon – a wet mash, to which garden tops and grass of legumes are added.

Nutritional norms are determined depending on the height, weight and physiological characteristics of a particular breed.

Approximate diet (in grams per head per day)

  • whole grain – 50;
  • bran – 10;
  • grain mixture – 50;
  • cake – 12;
  • bone meal – 5;
  • hay or coniferous flour – 5;
  • cabbage leaves, pumpkin, carrots – 40;
  • crushed chalk or shell – 5;
  • salt solution – 7.
Араукана и гамбургская серебристо-пятнистая стандарт

Aretuse tunnused

Eggs for an incubator or a ready-made Araucan bird can be purchased from farmers.

Breeding tailless Araucans (European type) requires additional care for chickens, since during mating their cloaca may not open, as a result of which the egg will remain unfertilized. To prevent this from happening, in females it is necessary to cut feathers and down around the cloaca at a distance of 5-6 cm.

The breed of Araucan chickens perfectly combines decorative qualities and high performance. Subject to the necessary conditions for keeping and feeding chickens, you can simultaneously get meat, eggs and an unusual, beautiful bird in your yard.

Араукана на подворье у Надюши

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