Aasia Tabby Cat

Aasia Tabby Cat

Characteristics of Asian (tabby) cat

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Asian (tabby) cat Characteristics

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  • The breed is the result of crossing a Persian chinchilla and a Burmese cat ;
  • The first kittens appeared in 1981;
  • Active and energetic breed;
  • Requires attention and affection.


The Asian tabby is an Oriental beauty native to the UK. This breed belongs to the Asian group, as it was created by crossing a Burmese cat and a Persian chinchilla. From her parents, she inherited the best: a neat appearance and a wonderful character.

The mention of “tabby” in the name of the breed is not accidental: this is the color that is characteristic of cats of this breed. It is also called “wild color”. Among cats of the Asian tabby breed, there are all kinds of color variations: from black to cream and apricot. A characteristic feature of the representatives of the breed is eyeliner around the eyes and a spot on the forehead. In addition, owners often note that cats have a special look from under their brows and slightly slanting almond-shaped eyes. The correct form of the small head and the proportions of the muzzle of this cat are highly valued by breeders.

Asian tabbies, like their closest relatives – Burmese cats, are very neat, active and independent. They do not get bored in the absence of the owner, because they always find something to do with themselves. Representatives of this breed are incredibly smart. Many owners note the intellectual abilities of pets, who seem to understand them perfectly.


These cats stand out among other breeds for their impeccable manners: they are unobtrusive, they like to be alone, but at the same time they are quite playful and are not averse to hunting for a “teaser”. However, tabby is not one of those who will run headlong; there is no doubt that these cats will not destroy half the house in pursuit of the victim.

Representatives of the breed are very friendly. They easily find a common language with relatives and other animals, even dogs. At the same time, cats will not try to take a dominant position, but they will not let themselves be offended either. With children, Asian tabbies bond easily and are patient. If a child accidentally hits a pet, the cat will most likely prefer to leave the game that is dangerous for her.

Asian Tabby Cat Care

Asian tabbies are easy to care for. Cats do not have an undercoat, so they do not shed much. Nevertheless, the pet must be combed at least once a weekusing a special brush-mitten. This will remove loose hairs. Bathing tabby infrequently, as the cats themselves are very clean.

From childhood, it is necessary to monitor the cat’s claws, cutting them in a timely manner, and the health of the oral cavity. As a preventive measure, you can periodically give your pet a solid treat that naturally cleans the teeth from plaque and protects them from the formation of tartar.

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Asian tabbies are homebodies. Unlike many other breeds, these cats do not require outdoor exercise. On the contrary, they will be happy to spend part of the day in a secluded and quiet place. To do this, you should buy or make your own house for a cat. In winter, by the way, it is desirable to insulate it.

Particular attention should be paid to the nutrition of the animal. Choose high-quality food, focusing on the lifestyle and health of the pet. Carefully follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for the amount of food to avoid causing obesity.

Asian tabbies are considered to be a fairly healthy breed with no identified genetic diseases. Regular visits to the veterinarian, a balanced diet and exercise will help keep your cat in excellent shape.

Asian Tabby Cat – Video

Asian Tabby Cat (Азиатская табби кошка)

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