Lüpsilehm: kui palju piima ta päevas annab ja millal tuleks lüpsta

Lüpsilehm: kui palju piima ta päevas annab ja millal tuleks lüpsta

Previously, agriculture was considered inferior if there was no cow in the house. We all consume dairy products every day, even children know that milk can only be obtained from a cow. But not every person knows how much milk a cow gives. Milk yield depends on its owner, as well as on feed, on grazing and, most importantly, on caring for it.

The owner must know the rules for caring for a pet that gives milk:

  • the animal must be well cared for;
  • a strict regime of milking a cow should be observed, preferably at the same time.

Thanks to this mode, she shows a reflex and increases productivity.

With irregular milking cows may develop mastitis, as the udder will not be fully milked. Sometimes milk yield may decrease due to the fact that milking is not three times a day, but only two.

When does a cow start giving milk?

The owner begins to raise a cow from a small heifer. The heifer grows and matures very slowly. Maturation occurs only after six months, but there is still no readiness to reproduce offspring. Only at least a year and a half later, when she develops and her weight is about 300 kg, then she is fertilized by bringing her with a bull. Because only milk appears after calving, as it is necessary for raising a calf.

The first milk is colostrum, this product is not eaten, but fed to calves. And a person milks a cow for his own needs, and so the whole process takes place. A wise owner will not be in a hurry to bring a grown cow with a bull, because only after calving does the cow give milk. A cow (carries a calf for nine months), like a woman who, only after the birth of a child, can breastfeed him (mother’s milk). Because it appears only with the birth of a baby. A cow feeds her calf the same way. But in order for her to have constant milk, the owner leads the cow to the bull after each calving, after some time.

How many days does a cow give milk?

All year round, the nurse cannot give milk, milk yields begin to fall, and therefore she is inseminated (that is, led to a bull) every year. After insemination she is getting milk, but before calving it is “launched”, that is, they stop milking. This is necessary so that the body rests and directs all its forces to the development of the calf.

If she is not given a break in milking, then the body of both the woman in labor and the calf will be depleted.

Cow and her milk per day

When purchasing a favorite thrush, each owner should know what living conditions she had before. The fact is that taking a heifer into his household, he may encounter some problems. It may well turn out that she has some kind of disease, and through milk the disease can be transmitted to humans. And we need to pay serious attention to this.

How much milk can you take from a cow per day? At one time, a cow’s milk yield can be from two to eight liters – it can give more, it just all depends on how the owner takes care of his wet nurse, on living conditions and on the breed of the cow.

In general, a normal and healthy cow (and still a good breed) should give 550-600 liters per year. About sixteen liters of milk are produced per day. If milk yield is less the owner should pay attention to it and call a veterinarian to determine the cause.

If a cow is of good breed and well cared for and kept in normal conditions, then you can get up to twenty liters a day from her, but this is very rare. But statistics show that liters are constantly changing.

Once again, you can recall the rules:

  • the animal must first of all be well fed;
  • the cow must be milked regularly, that is, the daily routine must be observed. Because she develops a reflex and increases productivity.

The best breeds are Kholmogory, Dutch, steppe red, Aishir dairy, black-and-white, Yaroslavl.

But if the pestle gives a lot of liters of milk per year, then in terms of fat content, compared to the rest, such milk is much inferior. And with high productivity the animal quickly wears out its body and it has a reduced lifespan.

Despite the fact that this animal lives and grows on its own, you still need to pay attention to it at least twenty minutes a day. She really likes it when they talk to her like a person, they say affectionate and tender words. She can’t say anything in response, but she will understand everything, feeling that she is a member of the family. At the same time there will be a lot of milk and life will be long.

There are facts to support these words. The woman had a cow, and it was time to kill the nurse, but she could not do it, because the cow understood everything. And when the woman looked into the eyes of her nurse, she saw tears in them. They even cry like humans.

In order for the nurse to have many liters, it is necessary to prepare good food for the winter. We need to make very high quality hay, to have a lot of vitamins in herbs and then the cow will delight the whole family with milk all year round. We wish that every liter of your cow was healthy and tasty!

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