Kodune isetegemisjoodik kanadele ja kanadele

Kodune isetegemisjoodik kanadele ja kanadele

The number of people who keep their own farm, in particular, chickens, is a huge number. After all, everyone wants to eat fresh eggs and natural chicken meat every day. And of course, in order to achieve the greatest productivity in this matter, it is necessary to observe all the conditions for feeding and watering chickens and chickens.

Drinking birds should always be fresh and clean. For easy drinking, there are special drinkers that you can easily buy in a specialized store or make a drinker for chickens with your own hands. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that drinkers should be convenient for all ages of chickens and chickens.

Do-it-yourself drinker for chickens

The amount of water that a hen or chicken should consume depends on some factors, Näiteks:

  • The amount of food eaten;
  • Air temperature;
  • The age of the animal.

Each bird should drink up to 500 ml of water per day to avoid dehydration.

Making a drinker for chickens with your own hands

Already knowledgeable people will not be surprised that chickens are very sloppy. The shelf can be upside down and covered with debris, and with their feet they can climb there. Which is very unhygienic for them and costly for the owner. Therefore, it is necessary remember the following points when making inventory with your own hands:

  • The drinker must close
  • Must be sustainable
  • Do not have a large volume, as the water will deteriorate.

The most convenient devices for drinking chickens, and which you can do yourself, are automatic drinkers. To make such a drinker, you will need a five-liter plastic bottle and a bath. The clips that are needed to hold the bottle are attached to the tub. A bottle filled with water is inserted into the bath and fastened with clamps upside down. This design allows you to fill the bath with water as it decreases, while water does not overflow over the edges of the bath.

Do-it-yourself drinker for chickens and do-it-yourself drinker for chickens can be made from a garden hose. One end of the hose is connected to the water supply, the other is bent into a loop and hung from a narrow hole to a height convenient for drinking chicken and hen. Also, the hose can not be bent into a “drop”, but simply hang small containers on it, under the drilled holes, and they will be filled with water.

Another option to make a do-it-yourself drinker for chickens is a budgetary, simple and effective vacuum method. Due to it, water always remains in the tank and does not spill out. Even a three-liter jar is suitable for this. However, there are downsides to this device. Hens and chickens can easily knock over such a drinker.

You can make a nipple drinker with your own hands from a pipe – this lihtsustatud versioon. Holes are drilled in the lid of a plastic bottle or in the bottom of a bucket, nipples are inserted into them and the device is filled with water. Our drinker is ready, it remains to place the structure in a convenient place.

Plastic is great for DIY inventions. In the manufacture of another type of homemade drinkers, we will need plastic bottles. Cut off the bottom and neck of a two-liter bottle. Place a smaller bottle in it with the neck down and place the structure on a bowl. A large bottle must be screwed to the wall, and pour water into a small one.

In the winter season drinking bowls with water must be heatedso that the water does not freeze. In this case, farmers with experience are smart. So if you place light bulbs with an extension cord under a wooden base and place this structure at the bottom of the drinking bowl, then it will heat the water in it and prevent it from freezing.

At present, a nipple drinker is a more perfect drinker. To make it you will need a screwdriver, a plastic pipe, a pipe cap, a drill, a coupler, nipples, a sealing tape.

Drill holes for the nipple in the pipe approximately every twenty-five cm. It is best to use a 360-degree nipple, it allows water to flow both up and down and in a horizontal position. Wrap the nipple with waterproofing tape and carefully screw it into the drilled holes in the pipe. A plug is put on one end of the pipe and tightened with a tie for reliability. It remains to connect the drinker for chickens to the water supply and place it in a convenient place.

See on ka võimalik add a container under each nipplewhich will capture water.

The simplest do-it-yourself drinker for chickens can be called a design of a bucket and a large dish. Cover a bucket filled with water with a dish (a large round spacing will do). Between the spacing and the bucket, you need to insert several rubber gaskets, three or four pieces will be enough, at the same distance from each other. This is done to ensure access to a minimum amount of water. Next, turn the bowl upside down with a dish and you’re done. This option is distinguished by its mobility, accessibility and simplicity.


For beginner farmers in this matter, all the variety and choice of a bird bowl can be scary. Some of the models may even seem raske valmistada myself, but that’s not the case. All of them can easily be made by hand at home. The main thing is to have all the necessary material.

Поилка для кур, из пластиковой бутылки, своими руками.

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