Tuhkrute toitmise ja kodus pidamise omadused

Tuhkrute toitmise ja kodus pidamise omadused

At the present time, you will not surprise anyone with the fact that ferrets live at home, like dogs or cats. Ferrets are very interesting, inquisitive, funny and fluffy animals. Keeping a ferret at home has a number of features.

Features of caring for a domestic ferret

The first step in caring for a ferret at home is that must be kept clean, constantly clean the cage and everything that is there:

  • sööturid
  • drinkers,
  • change pads regularly.


The content of the ferret also implies its suplemine. Bathing a ferret at home is very often not necessary, because after washing, his unique “smell” only intensifies. It is enough to carry out water procedures several times a year. Bathe him with special shampoos that do not cause tears and are designed for ferrets. Perform the procedure in the bath or shower, while the water should be warm. Then dry it off with a towel or let it dry on its own. You can also occasionally wipe his fur with special wipes or spray.

Мытьё Хорька

Features of hygiene procedures

Carrying out hygiene procedures for this pet has a number of its features:

  1. Ferret care at home also includes clipping of claws. This procedure must be done once a month. Do this carefully so as not to hurt the ferret. Until the animal gets used to the procedure, ask someone to help you with this. Have someone hold the animal while you trim its nails.
  2. Also, care consists in another procedure – kõrvade puhastamine. It should also be done once a month. For the best effect, you need to use drops for the ears or oil. A couple of drops should be dripped into the ear, then massage it and clean the dirt with a cotton swab, then wipe it dry.

Keeping a pet should be taken seriously and all the necessary procedures should be done.

Juuste eest hoolitsemine

While keeping such a pet at home, one must also take into account the fact that he sheds in spring and winter, he changes summer fur to winter fur and vice versa. This has been happening for several weeks. To make this process faster, wool can be combed out with special brushes. Also, some ferret care activities include feeding them with various vitamins during molting.

Leisure provision

Ferret living at home shouldn’t be boring. Provide the animal with different toys. These can be tunnels and pipes that ferrets will climb or balls that cannot be chewed. Also place a small house for the animal in the cage. Well, you yourself devote time to the ferret, for games and caring for him, so that he feels your love and care.

During the summer period, the ferret can be taken outside, unless he is quite small and he all required vaccinations. You can also take walks in winter, only when it is not very cold and there is no slush. Walk with a ferret only with a leash, otherwise it may simply get lost.

Feeding the animal at home

The content of the ferret, of course, implies its feeding. You can feed him at home with dry food or natural food.

Feeding with natural food

If you decide to feed your pet natural food at home, then The best food for him will be:

  • rups,
  • bird meat,
  • also occasionally add fish and eggs to your diet.

Feed the animal twice a day. Vegetable food in the diet of a ferret should not exceed 2%. Use fish sparingly and in small portions. Feed your animal mackerel, trout, flounder or cod. Chicken eggs are best given boiled, and quail eggs can also be raw. As far as dairy products are concerned, can you give a ferret cottage cheese in a small amount or cheese, cut into small pieces.

Keeping a ferret does not end with simple feeding, its diet must also consist of vitamin supplements. This is especially true for two periods in the life of ferrets: active growth, molting and pregnancy.

At home, a ferret can cook a dish called “farcekasha”. To prepare it, you need the following ingredients:

  • kala,
  • offal of birds and meat,
  • cooked vegetables and cereals.

All components needed pass through a meat grinder, then mix thoroughly. Mineral supplements and vitamins must be added to the resulting mixture.

Kuivtoidu söötmine

Keeping ferrets at home also provides feeding animals dry food.

Feeding a ferret with natural food is a very difficult process, in fact, and only an experienced ferret breeder can adhere to it correctly. So if a ferret has never lived in your house, then it is better to opt for dry food. These feeds already include all the vitamins and minerals that the animal needs. And all you need to do is fill the ferret with food and pour water in time.

To date, there are premium feeds that made especially for ferrets. However, professional grade kitten food can also be used because ferrets and kittens up to a year old have the same nutritional requirements. But never use dog food or medium and economy class food, otherwise the health of the animal may deteriorate.

A ferret, like all living beings, loves something tasty, so you can spoil it, and give it vegetables and fruits in the form of treats, with the exception of citrus fruits. Just do not overdo it, give in small portions and not too often.

On the shelves of pet stores you can meet many different “chewers” and “crunchies”that are specifically designed for ferrets. It is worth remembering that they are very high in calories if given in large quantities, so do not get too carried away. If the diet is well thought out, then it will contain all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, and therefore the animal will not need additional treats.

Keeping ferrets is quite a complicated processwhich will require a lot of time, patience and attention from you. Caring for a pet can be compared to caring for a dog living in a house. So take care of your pet seriously. If you really love a ferret and learn all the subtleties of caring for him, then you will become a real “horeman”, and then guinea pigs and hamsters will no longer interest you. Perhaps even cats will not cause the same delight. After all, the ferret is an exotic animal and has great charm. Also, in their habits, they are unlike any other animals, and watching them is very exciting, it is interesting for both children and adults.

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