Kurgani piirkonnas kasvanud hanepojad

Kurgani piirkonnas kasvanud hanepojad

Kurgan goslings attract buyers not only for their appearance, but also for their high productivity, the ability of young animals to resist diseases, and the endurance of adults. With all this, one cannot but rejoice at the ideal price-quality ratio, which is why Kurgan goslings are in great demand.

Kurgani piirkonnas kasvanud hanepojad

Geese bred in the Kurgan region cannot have other qualities, because this area is replete with both lakes and mineral springs, as well as a rich abundance of herbs.

Goslings brought to the farmstead from the Kurgan region have a lot of advantages. Firstly, these birds do not claim special care. And in less than three months, the owners of the chicks already receive three-kilogram individuals.

It should be noted that Kurgan goslings are representatives of one of the oldest breeds in the region. Their ancestors were wild gray geese, tamed at the end of the seventeenth century, when this breed was bred on their basis, taking into account the weather conditions characteristic of Siberia and the Southern Urals. In the climatic conditions of the Kurgan region, wild birds had a hardy nature and could easily resist diseases.

Kurgani piirkonnas kasvanud hanepojad

The color of the feathers varies, it can be white, gray or piebald. The weight of adult ganders ranges from five to six kilograms, and geese – from four to five. One goose has approximately 6 to 12 eggs. On average, a goose can lay from 25 to 40 eggs per year, the mass of which is mostly 130-150 grams. The sex of small goslings can already be established after a day from the day they were born, so that females and males can be seated in different cages and raised separately. Also among the advantages of Kurgan goslings is the rapid development of birds, which at ten weeks of age gain 13 adult weights.

You can buy goslings in the region at powerful poultry factories or from private individuals. The price of good healthy Kurgan goslings is from 150 rubles per bird. In addition to having funny birds in their yard, gosling owners also benefit greatly from keeping them. First of all, it is valuable down, because one adult goose gives up to three hundred grams of feather, and about sixty grams of down, which is valued for its excellent quality. In addition to being resilient and light, goose down and feathers also have excellent thermal conductivity. These derivatives are successfully used in light industry.

On average, geese live for about 25 years. Not having time to hatch from the egg (a day after birth), the goslings are already confidently mastering the expanses of water. It is interesting to know that until the middle of the nineteenth century, quill pens were analogous to modern pens. For sharpening the pen, there were special knives, which were called “penknives”.

The down and feathers of the goslings of the Kurgan region are very well developed. The body weight of ganders is almost the same as that of geese. A distinctive feature of the gander is a bone growth at the base of the beak at the bridge of the nose, it is also slightly larger in size.

Sale of birds in the region takes place throughout the year. For those wishing to purchase goslings, it is better to pre-register or agree. Summing up all that has been said, we can safely say that Kurgan ducklings are an excellent choice, strong, hardy and unpretentious, they grow quickly and do not cause unnecessary trouble.

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