Kui palju vareseid elab vangistuses ja looduses: linnuelu tunnused

Kui palju vareseid elab vangistuses ja looduses: linnuelu tunnused

Many are familiar with such amazing and proud birds as crows, solely from their own observations. These birds are very capricious. And how many of them gather when they fly in a flock! As a rule, when they arrive, they scare away all other birds and inspire others with some anxiety.

Raven and crow

The opinion of ornithologists about the nature, habits, as well as the life span of ravens and ravens is somewhat different. No matter how long this goes on, one thing is clear: the raven is one of the most interesting and mysterious birds.

Differences between a crow and a crow

It is a mistake to assume that these are birds, between which it is appropriate to put an equal sign. They represent two completely different types. The only thing that unites them is the crow family. Both have both females and males.

Since ancient times, it was generally accepted that larger crows are males, as a rule, they differed not only in size, but also in a rather powerful voice, but scientists have refuted this point of view.

Ravens, unlike ravens, prefer to live close to people. It’s much easier for them to get food. Also, thanks to this neighborhood, these birds can practice their favorite pastime – theft. Opened bags, as well as simply inattentive townspeople – this is all that attracts so many crows who love to live among us.

Such a bird as a raven has completely opposite features. Its main differences from crows can be called:

  • Often crows like to live in places where there are no people.
  • These birds love to create a couple that they cherish until the end of their days, like swans who know what real “fidelity” is.
  • Crows are big owners. When they are in a pair, they necessarily own some territory, which together they try to prevent anyone from entering.
  • Curiously, the raven does not like the crow too much. Such enmity has been with these birds for a long time.
  • These birds are real scavengers. They are able to destroy nests, feed on the remains of other animals. Their advantageous large size helps a lot with this.

Interestingly, the raven is not a very gullible bird. It can, of course, be taught, but these cases are rather exceptional. Crows are very smart. You can see this for yourself, you just have to look him in the eye. Perhaps that is why the quality and duration of life of ravens is higher than that of ravens. Sometimes this look can even inspire fear; it is not for nothing that this bird is often present at sorcerers and at seances held by fortunetellers.

Crows are very good at imitating. It can be either the singing of another bird or the barking of a dog.

Raven lifespan

It is impossible to answer the question of how much the belly of a crow is unequivocally. For life span many factors influence, including quality, living conditions. There is a significant difference in the duration of existence of those birds that live in captivity, and live, multiply in the open space, far from man and any civilization.

If we talk about crows that love and try to live in the wild, then they are at risk more than crows, which have practically no enemies in an urban environment. Crows get sick more often, it is more difficult for them to get their own food. At the same time, if crows live in an industrial area and constantly inhale harmful fumes during their existence, their life expectancy is also short.

If we talk about how long crows can live, then those. Who live in the city, sometimes võib elada kuni 30 aastat, but under favorable conditions. Most often this figure reaches 10 years. Thus, the range of years that crows can live is quite wide.

Speaking of large crows that are not urban birds, it can be noted that their life expectancy is somewhat longer. You can find many ancient records that say that the raven was able to live for about 300 years. People said that these birds live nine human lives.

If today a crow creates favorable conditions for living, it may well live up to 70 years. We are talking about those who live in captivity. If a bird lives in the wild, then the average life expectancy is an order of magnitude less – about 10-15 years. The maximum number of years this bird can live in the wild is 40 years. This is the opinion of modern ornithologists.

Different nations have their own view on this issue:

  • The Arabs say that the raven is an immortal bird. Moreover, some even sincerely believe in it.
  • The peoples of Eurasia consider the raven a long-liver, etc.

Despite the fact that there are such different opinions about the lifespan of ravens, these birds continue to be the most mystical and mysteriousamong all existing ones. Many peoples know a lot of legends and believe in signs associated with these amazing birds. They constantly attract a lot of curious looks from both scientists and ordinary lovers of nature and animals. There are many more interesting facts that ornithologists have yet to find out about them, about how they like to live and what are their features.

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