Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

“Bad Cat!”

After committing another misconduct, your beloved “masya-basya”, as you just called him, immediately turns into a “wretched bastard”, which is time to be thrown out. Such threats are completely meaningless. Violent methods in relation to the pet are also unacceptable. How to wean a cat and a cat from shitting in the wrong place is a sensitive issue that requires patience, delicacy, and sometimes consultations with a veterinarian and even a zoopsychologist.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

A stain of discord

A cat that prefers secluded (and not so) corners of an apartment to its own tray is not guided by harm at all. In most cases, shameful habits, from the point of view of the owners, are due to the natural instincts of the animal or mistakes in its upbringing and care. This needs to be realized, once and for all abandoning the idea of ​​weaning a pet to be naughty with the help of a house slipper or a broom. Such an action will only aggravate the situation, and the objects of execution can just become the next objects of the “toilet interest” of the offended cat.

The owner should carefully look at the behavior of the animal, remember when the cat got the habit of shitting in the wrong place, what events preceded this. This is necessary in order to find out the reason for such feline behavior. After all, if it is not eliminated, it will not be possible to radically get rid of the problem. It is possible, of course, with the help of various means to discourage the cat from turning into an individual toilet, for example, a flower pot, but this does not mean at all that a tray, and not a carpet or a master’s bed, will become an alternative to it.

The reasons why a cat ignores the tray can be very diverse and completely unexpected for the owner. It happens that they are associated with the health of the animal, and in this case, the help of a veterinarian is indispensable. And it happens that the pet starts to spoil anywhere because of a simple misunderstanding. For example, the cat is located in the tray, and at this time the owner began to chastise him for some misconduct that is currently irrelevant. Finding out why the cat began to act outrageously and what methods will be more effective in the fight for cleanliness in the apartment is usually possible only through trial and error, because the purr, unfortunately, will not be able to tell about it himself.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

The process of planning mischief

The main reasons why cats and cats shit in the wrong places

Fluffy uglies harass the owners with their bad habit with depressing constancy or from time to time. This is usually due to the following factors:

  • the cat is not accustomed to the tray;
  • the cat does not like the place where the tray is installed;
  • the cat has complaints about the shape or filling of the tray;
  • the tray is dirty;
  • competitors-relatives living in the house claim the tray;
  • the cat is stressed
  • the cat has health problems;
  • age problems;
  • the cat wants to go for a walk.

Depending on the reason, you should also choose a method by which you can ensure order and cleanliness in the house.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

The easiest way to solve a cat litter problem is if it is related to the cat’s claims to the tray. It will be more difficult to wean a pet to relieve its natural need where it pleases if the reasons for this behavior are stress or its state of health.

Household situations

Having discovered that the cat began to leave puddles and piles throughout the apartment, you need, first of all, to think about whether he has any complaints about his individual toilet and personally to you. Maybe you do not react when the animal meows, giving a signal that the tray is dirty – in this case, “gifts” cannot be avoided. Most cats are incredibly clean and will always prefer a tidy corner in the apartment to an untidy, foul-smelling litter box. Perhaps a more thorough cleaning of the cat’s box immediately after the pet has finished its intimate affairs is the only thing it needs in order not to look for an alternative location for the toilet.

It happens that the owner rearranges the tray to another place, and the pet is either not used to it yet, or he is not satisfied with the new nook. Cats are quite scrupulous about such a delicate issue as the administration of natural needs. In the wild, they try to do this with maximum secrecy, realizing that at such a moment they are helpless and deprived of the opportunity to defend themselves or escape. In this regard, the tray should be placed where the animal can feel safe. In addition, you need to check if there are any containers with strong-smelling chemicals near the cat litter box.

It happens that a cat persistently leaves its tracks in the same place – in this way it can report that it has chosen a comfortable corner for itself. If you don’t mind moving the tray there, go towards your pet. Otherwise, you can try to cheat – move the box to the place the cat likes, and then, gradually and little by little, move it in the direction of a more convenient, from your point of view, location in the apartment.

Cats often avoid going to the tray if they have complaints about its shape or size, then the toilet bowl will have to be replaced. The fact that the fluffy has ceased to arrange a tray should not be surprised. This usually happens when the owner loses sight of the fact that the cat is growing. An “enlarged” pet simply cannot turn around in the box to which it was accustomed as a kitten. In addition, in cramped conditions, he does not have room to maneuver to bury his excrement. In such cases, animals may start to shit in the bath, mistaking it for a large tray. It is quite easy to wean a cat to defecate in the bathroom – you just need to draw some water into it and close the drain. However, this does not solve the problem in general. The tray will still need to be replaced.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

What is this starship? I’m better in boots.

If the new toilet will be in the form of a box with a door, it is better not to install the roof right away. The cat must first get used to this place.

A cat that continues to shit in the wrong place, despite the purchase of a new tray, may not be satisfied with its contents. It happens that the owner changed the clumping filler to wood, mineral to silica gel or vice versa, and the animal protests against these innovations. Then you need to return to the filler that previously satisfied the pet. It happens that a cat, having spent a “vacation” in the country, has radically changed its preferences, and now it needs sand. Offer the animal all options, including torn newspapers. It may also turn out that he does not need any filler at all.


If several cats live in the house, intrigue can break out around the tray. The fact is that kitties tend to discreetly observe such an important object as an individual toilet. Knowing about this feature of relatives, the most timid of the pets may be embarrassed to carry out a scrupulous procedure under the supposed vigilant supervision. He will prefer to find a more secretive corner in the apartment for this.

In order for all cats to be comfortable, each of them needs to be provided with their own tray. Even better, if they have an additional box – “alternate airfield” for “emergency landing”. The ideal way out is to place individual trays in separate corners, if housing conditions allow it.


Cats can start to shit in the wrong places as a result of the stress they experienced. This happens if the emotional background changes in the house or the apartment shakes from loud sounds and vibrations coming from neighbors who have begun repairs. Cats do not tolerate moving well, after a trip they may not go to the toilet for a couple of days at all, and you will look in vain for traces of a “crime” in different parts of the apartment. The appearance of a new family member or guests can lead the animal out of peace of mind. In this case, the dissatisfaction of the cat increases due to the appearance of other people’s smells. He, of course, will try to kill them with his “incense”.

If the cat refuses the tray in such situations, you need to be patient, do not scold him, caress him more often. In most cases, over time, the fluffy returns to its usual place on its own, but you can try to “drive” it into the tray as soon as possible.

After tracking where the cat has moved to secretly relieve himself, treat this place with a disinfectant. Today, any pet store sells specialized aromatic formulations in the form of sprays to scare away pets from inappropriate places for the toilet.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

Spray Beaphar Stop it Cat

Järgmised ravimid on ennast hästi tõestanud:

  • spray “Crap? No “(the composition contains castor and essential oils, wormwood extract);
  • spray “AntiGadin” (in the composition – extracts of pepper, menthol, catechin);
  • Beaphar Stop it Cat spray (with natural ingredients that have scents that repel cats in their natural environment).

Sprays are recommended 1-2 times a day to treat places where the cat shits regularly. Traces of puddles and heaps should be destroyed very carefully so that there is no smell left in these places, otherwise the ugliness will return here. Not every drug can scare off your pet, so you may have to experiment.

You can also purchase a special flashlight at the pet store. The gadget will come in handy if you can’t find the place where your cat used to go to the toilet.

If you do not want to use chemicals, refer to folk methods of fighting for cleanliness in the apartment. Spread orange or lemon peels, garlic cloves in a soiled cat corner – the animal will not like their inherent smell. Vinegar in this case is a bad helper, it will only enhance the “aroma” of urine, and the cat will happily continue to use this place as a toilet. The same applies to bleach, which will also serve as bait.

You can also try to put in a place where the cat crap, a bowl of his food. He will not go to the toilet where his food is.

If the pet does not return to the tray for a long time, and its behavior is either too restless, or, conversely, lethargic, it is worth contacting a zoopsychologist. He will tell the owners how to find mutual understanding with the cat. In addition, special drugs may be needed to reduce the stress level of the animal, and they should only be prescribed by a specialist.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

Right here?

Diseases and age of the pet

Often the reason for the appearance of a bad habit lies in the age of the cat. Aging purrs often suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, anemia, and obesity. For them, it becomes a problem just to get to the place where the tray is located, and they arrange their toilet right next to the resting place. Or the poor thing still gets to him, but with difficulty climbs over the side. It is easy to guess that the cat is experiencing difficulties when moving, by watching how he overcomes obstacles: steps over the threshold or jumps onto an elevated surface.

In such a situation, you need to purchase a tray with the lowest sides and put it next to the cat bed or in the corner where the animal spends most of the time. It is possible that you will have to move your pet to the tray in your arms.

Very often, cats suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system refuse a toilet box. Pets experience pain when urinating, and they associate it with the tray. It is not surprising that the animal begins to look for another place for its needs, leaving traces throughout the apartment. In this case, the only way out is to go to the veterinarian.

Sexual behavior and territorial disputes

During puberty, and then usually 3-4 times a year, representatives of the cat tribe begin to actively look for a mate. This is accompanied not only by heartbreaking cries, but also by marks. Fetid puddles appear on armchairs, in the master’s bed, in shoes and other places. At the same time, if the smell from the mark left by the cat is moderate enough, then the “aroma” that the wet footprints of the cat exude simply knocks you down.

In addition, at any time of the year, cats can mark their territory with urine with specific secretion products – pheromones. This process, similar to ordinary urination, is accompanied by a proud lift of a trembling tail, so that it is difficult not to notice. However, it is impossible to prevent the inevitable “crime”. Everything happens very quickly, since the animal in such cases does not waste time to choose a place, sit down and bury the traces. If a cat lives in a neighbor’s apartment, your pet will regularly leave his marks at the front door at the moment when a competitor approaches his door.

It is impossible to teach a cat to mark. Neither persuasion, nor threats, nor spraying a pet with a spray bottle, nor regular cleaning of disgusting puddles will help. You can radically get rid of this problem only by sterilizing the animal. It is worth considering that after the operation, the pet may continue to mark the territory out of habit, this may be due to its individual characteristics. But in this case, there is an opportunity to wean him.

People who, for various reasons, do not want to sterilize their pet, often resort to hormonal drugs. With their help, you can also suppress the sexual instincts of the animal. But before you offer the cat the drug, you should consult with your veterinarian.

What to do if the cat got into the habit of shitting in bed, on the carpet, in a flower pot or shoes

Methods for weaning a cat from an unpleasant habit vary somewhat depending on which place she has chosen for the toilet. If a fluffy troublemaker shits on the floor, especially if it is covered with tiles, and not with parquet, this is not so bad. Much worse if he liked the cozy pile of the carpet. By the way, this may signal that the animal has joint problems, because in such cases they prefer soft surfaces to a hard tray.

Kuidas võõrutada kassi ja kassi vales kohas sitta

Kanye, it’s your time!

If the cat stubbornly leaves puddles on the carpet, then permanent stain cleaning with special sprays may be useless. The next time, the pet will simply move to another area of ​​coverage. In this case, it is best to clean the entire carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner, filling it with a citrus-scented liquid. Such cleaning can also be done prophylactically, without waiting for the next “gift” to appear.

Sometimes cats choose the master’s bed as a toilet. So, mixing their smell with the master’s, they can demonstrate that they suffer from a lack of attention from the owner. However, there may be other reasons for this behavior. Bedding should immediately be sent to the washing machine, and for prevention, use a powder with a citrus or lavender smell that repels the cat.

If the cat continues to regularly shit in bed, try to seize the moment when he starts to bridge, and lightly spray him with a spray bottle. A few shower treatments may well make him give up this habit. The effect will be enhanced if you defiantly put a spray bottle near the bed.

Quite often, the object of “toilet interest” of a cat is shoes. As a rule, boots become wet due to cat’s fault after the owners are absent for a long time and bring into the house the smell of the street, other people’s scents. “Processing” shoes, the cat tries to rid the apartment of foreign odors, asserting its own. The easiest way to solve this problem is to put shoes, shoes, slippers in a place inaccessible to the pet. But if you are not sure that your pet will not get into the closet, periodically spray the shoe compartment with citrus, clove, thyme, lavender scents.

Very tempting for cats are pots of earth, in which it is so pleasant to dig holes for the toilet. Fluffies will always prefer potted plants over a tray even with their favorite filler. It is usually not possible to keep a cat out of a room where flower pots are placed, so plants need to be protected. Otherwise, cat feces will completely destroy them. To discourage a cat’s desire to shit in a pot of earth, you can spread lemon or orange peels, garlic cloves near the trunks of plants. But at the same time, it is desirable to clarify whether the aromas of such “repellers” are not harmful to the plants themselves, especially if they are delicate exotics. As an option, stick the ground in a tub, for example, with toothpicks, wrap the container with a decorative mesh.

Another effective way is to cover the surface on which the flower pots are placed with foil. She will rustle when the cat starts to make her way to the chosen object, and will scare him away. Your pet will also not like it if his path to the potty lies along double-sided tape glued to the surface.

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