Isabella ülikonna hobune: päritolu ajalugu, täku hind, geneetilised omadused ja tõu iseloom

Isabella ülikonna hobune: päritolu ajalugu, täku hind, geneetilised omadused ja tõu iseloom

The Isabella horse color is a very rare breed and at the same time very beautiful. You can rarely see representatives of this suit. In most cases, only people who are seriously involved in these animals and love the Isabella suit very much, and also, for the most part, are fabulously rich and understand a lot about valuable investments.

History of the origin of the name of the suit

It is generally accepted in the world that the horse of the Isabella suit acquired such a name from Queen Isabella of Spain, who ruled in the XNUMXth century. During the reign of Isabella, this the color of the horse was the most popular and was a huge success. Also, this horse was the queen’s favorite.

There is such a legend that the Queen of Spain gave her word not to change her shirt for three years in a row, to walk in the same one. And it is believed that individuals have the color of the queen’s shirt after three years of wearing, which is why the horse’s color was called Isabella. Nightingale and bulan stallions in Western Europe belong to the isabella suit. As for Russia, such a name came to them only in the twentieth century.

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Värvi omadus

Sometimes you can hear how a horse of this color is also called cream, because it has a cream-colored coat. In some cases, in an Isabella stallion, the coat color may have a hint of baked milk. Despite the fact that almost all breeds of horses have gray skin, Isabella has a pale pink color.

However, horses of this color are still characterized by blue eyes. This horse is a real beauty, it has a magical appearance, as if it had just stepped out of the pages of a book of fairy tales.

The beauty of the Isabella horse can only be overshadowed by a snow-white individual. Indeed, in few cases there are specimens that have green eyes. That is why representatives of this breed are many times more expensive compared to common breeds.

The Isabella stallion has a chic creamy coat with an incredible sheen. If you see a horse live, you will simply be stunned by its beauty. But even if you see her in the picture, the beauty of the horse will enchant you and it may seem that this is not its natural brilliance, but the image is processed and some kind of effect is superimposed. But seeing the animal in fact, you will dispel all doubts.

Another characteristic feature of this suit is that the hue of the gloss tends to change depending on the degree of illumination:

  • when the Isabella horse stands in the sun, its coat acquires a silvery sheen;
  • when the weather is cloudy outside or the animal is in daylight, the coat shines with a soft milky shade.

As a rule, the Isabella horse always has a solid color. A real majestic breed can never have other tones.

An exception may be the mane and tail. They are slightly lighter or darker by one tone than the entire body of the animal. Quite often, inexperienced mare lovers confuse the Isabella horse with albino horses. But albinos have red eyes and experts know how to distinguish them. After all, this suit is characterized by a special color, and not the absence of pigmentation. Increasingly foals of this color at birth have a snow-white color and pink skin. When they mature, they acquire their natural color and appearance.

такого вы никогда не видели! / you never saw it befor!

Features of genetics

If we consider the origin of the Isabella suit from the side of genetics, then it should be noted that this breed has several types of progenitors. For example, let’s take America, there is such a term as “cremello”. It means all types of breeds in which there are red representatives in the genetic origin.

In the genus of the Isabella breed, there are already two descendants of a red color. Based on this, the suit is considered the rarest breed in the whole world and quite expensive. After all, if you want a real royal thoroughbred Isabella horse to be born, then you need to cross two completely identical genes, and this is quite difficult.

Such genetic values ​​are found only in palomino, buckwheat and elephant horses. The ordinary black pigment of the standard gene always drowns out the mighty cream gene, and the latter brightens the black pigment. Only the Akhal-Teke breed of animals has light colors. That is why it is quite common to see an Akhal-Teke horse of Isabella color.

As already mentioned, this suit can be in buckwheat or nightingal breeds, and this is understandable. But in certain breeds of the Isabella suit they cannot be registered. Not too long ago, the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) launched a stud book specifically designed for horses of this color. Since recently, this association has begun the registration of all animals that are born as a result of the combination of two palomino horse breeds.

In the United States of America, there is a special association dedicated to owners of the Isabella breed. It’s called the American Albino and Creme Horse Registry. Albino does not mean that this association is also intended for albino horses, if only because there are no true natural albinos in nature. In this association, not only Isabella horses can be registered, but also white individuals that have one of the most important alleles of the White gene in the genotype.

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The appearance of a representative of this suit is quite deceptive. From the side of the horse is very:

  • pakkumine;
  • habras;
  • kaitsetu.

But in fact, this breed is characterized by incredible strength and rather strong endurance is hidden behind its defenselessness. The animal is in no way affected by climatic conditions. It feels great in extreme heat up to +50 degrees and in incredible cold down to -30.

The Isabella horse, with its strong nature, has acquired a lot of different legends. For example, during the war this animal could carry three badly wounded people on quicksand.

The horse makes fairly smooth movements and at the same time has good flexibility. Also, its skin is surprisingly thin, and the hairline is smooth and silky with short hairs, while the mane of the horse is not very thick. Isabella individual has a long neck with a high set and graceful curve. She always has a powerful, proud and majestic posture.


Iseloomu omadused

In general, animals of the Isabella suit have a difficult character. In principle, this can be understood, because they are of the royal family and whims are peculiar to them. These horses have a complex, heavy character, impulsive temperament and a sharp disposition. They are do not tolerate bad behavior and the inept hands of its owner.

Animals of this suit for the most part lived alone next to people. They recognize only one person as their master. The trust of a horse is worth a lot, it must be earned, and this is not so easy to do. But then the animal is very devoted to its owner and faithful. A large number of equestrians claim that animals of the isabella suit choose their own ownerthey can feel people. And then this person will become their true friend.

This horse can be handled not only by an experienced rider, but also by a polisher. You need to be very patient and persistent, love the horse, take care of him and show only a good attitude. After all the horse is a very intelligent creature, it sees and feels the attitude of its owner.

Изабелловая кобыла лузитано

The cost of representatives of the suit

Buying a horse of this color is very difficult, there are not very many of them in the world and they cost a fortune, most people simply cannot afford animals. Previously, only emirs or sultans could afford an isabella horse. After all, a lot of gold was given for a good horse of this suit, it should have been as much as the animal itself weighed. At this point in time, the price of an Isabella horse can be more than three million dollars.

However, its cost is fully justified. It is enough to see her only once and then you will never confuse and forget the Isabella horse. She bears with great honor the “royal name”, which fully characterizes her. This horse immediately speaks of the status of its owner and is an image of the wealth, luxury and high cost of its rider. She can only be proud and admire.

Isabella suit is a divine and magical color. Many people want to own it. There is such a legend that this suit has many similarities with a white pure lamb of a good suit. Such a horse brings good luck to its owner.

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