Karjala Bobtail

Karjala Bobtail

Characteristics of Karelian Bobtail

Villane tüüpLühikarvaline, poolpikakarvaline
KÕRGUSkuni 28 cm
Kaal2.5 6-kg
vanus10-15 aastat vana
Karelian Bobtail Characteristics

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  • Aboriginal breed, which was formed on the territory of modern Karelia;
  • Tail length varies from 4 to 13 cm;
  • These cats are smart and obedient;
  • Easily find a common language with other animals.


The Karelian Bobtail, another name for which is the Karelian-Finnish cat, originated from wild cats that live on the territory of Karelia and near Lake Ladoga. Some scientists suggest that Norwegian Forest cats played a special role in the formation of the breed . Interestingly, the short tail of the Karelian Bobtail (its main feature) is the result of a natural mutation. The gene that is responsible for shortening is dominant, which, by the way, distinguishes it from the Kuril Bobtail . In addition, Karelians are smaller than their Kuril relatives.

Representatives of this breed have a wonderful character. They are active, friendly and smart. Karelian-Finnish cats are quite independent and independent. In the absence of the owner, they know what to do. Despite this, it is not worth leaving animals alone for a long time: they will miss their owner, as they quickly become attached to him.

Karelian Bobtails highly value their own space and peace. They will not follow the owner everywhere. But you should treat your pet in the same way: do not disturb the cat if it is passionate about something.


Interestingly, in nature, wild Karelians live in small prides. This way of life affected their ability to get along with other animals. Karelian bobtails build a certain system of relationships with their neighbors, so they easily find a common language even with dogs . By the way, despite the hunting instinct, bobtails can distinguish real prey from a domestic rodent.

Children of Karelian bobtails are associated with especially warm relations. These cats are patient, and therefore the game will never turn into a war. If the child shows excessive activity, the bobtail will simply gently exit the game.

Another feature of the Karelian Bobtail is its voice. These cats rarely meow, and the sounds they make are more like purring.


Both shorthaired and semi-longhaired Karelian Bobtails have a dense undercoat. During the molting period, in order to remove hair, the cat must be combed regularly . For short-haired representatives of the breed, it is enough to carry out this procedure once a week with the help of a massage mitt, and for long-haired representatives it is necessary to comb out two to three times a week, using a special comb for this type of coat.

The Karelian Bobtail is tolerant of water, so the kitten can be easily accustomed to water procedures.

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Karelian bobtails love active pastime, you can walk with them on the street. They are resistant to cold and heat. But you should not expose your pet to weather tests: the cat will be especially grateful to you for a warm house in winter.

It is recommended to feed the Karelian Bobtail in accordance with the instructions of the veterinarian. You can choose food based on the living conditions of the pet, his lifestyle. It is important that it is a balanced and high-quality diet.

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