Koerte keratiit – kaasaegsed ravivõimalused

Koerte keratiit – kaasaegsed ravivõimalused

Keratitis is one of the most common eye conditions in dogs and is an inflammation of the cornea. If treatment is not started on time, the consequences can be sad, up to blindness. But fortunately, now there is an opportunity to alleviate the suffering of a pet, thanks to the new regenerative drug Reparin-Helper®. The tool quickly restores the cornea and reduces the time of treatment of keratitis. And most importantly, the drug is convenient to use at home! How Reparin-Helper® works, how it will help the dog and how to use it – more on this later in the article.

Keratiidi põhjused

We note several aspects that affect the occurrence of keratitis:

  • injuries, burns, inflammation of the eye area;
  • hereditary predisposition to inflammatory eye diseases;
  • breed predisposition to mechanical damage to the eyes (big-eyed, flat-faced breeds);
  • metabolic disorders (enteritis, endocrine disorders, diabetes);
  • nõrk immuunsus;
  • allergiad;
  • young or old age;
  • infectious agents;
  • lack of vitamins (avitaminosis).

Types of keratitis

Keratitis is divided into two types.

  1. Deep ulcerative. It has a severe manifestation, inflammation of the inner, deep layers of the cornea occurs. After treatment, vision may decrease, scars remain.
  2. Surface dot. It flows more easily, only the superficial layers of the cornea are damaged. With proper therapy, a complete recovery occurs.

Predisposition of different breeds

Some breeds develop keratitis more frequently. These include:

  1. brachycephalic breeds such as Boxers, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Pekingese, Pugs. They are characterized by pigmented, ulcerative keratitis;
  2. shepherd dogs (German and East European shepherds and their mestizos), greyhounds, huskies, dachshunds, dalmatians, etc. In shepherd dogs, blood vessels often grow into the cornea and pigment is deposited, which makes it difficult to see. This disease is autoimmune and is called shepherd pannus. They are also characterized by superficial keratitis, which doctors call phlyctenular.

Haiguse sümptomid

Haiguse sümptomid on järgmised:

  • fotofoobia;
  • irritation, itching;
  • tearing or purulent discharge from the eyes;
  • hägustumine, sarvkesta turse;
  • loss of gloss, haze of the cornea;
  • fallout of the third century;
  • blinking, general restlessness.

Diagnosis is carried out comprehensively, based on visual examination, biomicroscopy using a slit lamp and other methods.

Therapy of keratitis with Reparin-Helper®

Reparin-Helper® heals and regenerates various damage to the eye area in dogs. The main active components in Reparin-Helper® are cytokines proteins. Treatment of animals with cytokines activates the protective functions of the organism itself in the damaged area. Thus, the healing process is much faster. Reparin-Helper® is especially effective in the treatment of ulcerative keratitis due to the good susceptibility of eye tissues to cytokines and rapid cell migration.

According to the instructions, the drug is used to treat:

  • eye diseases (keratitis, conjunctivitis);
  • all kinds of skin damage;
  • after surgical operations;
  • lesions of the oral cavity and in dental surgery.

Reparin-Helper® can be used not only for dogs, but also for horses, cats and other animals. The great advantage of the drug is that it can be used both in the clinic and at home. The main thing is to apply it immediately immediately after mechanical damage or the detection of a disease – this will significantly speed up recovery.

How does Reparin-Helper® work?

The drug acts in several directions.

  1. The drug has a local immunomodulatory effect due to the fact that it attracts immune cells (macrophages) to the site of injury.
  2. It normalizes the inflammatory reaction, which alleviates the condition of the animal and promotes recovery.
  3. Stimulates the regeneration and production of collagen, attracting and activating fibroblasts, which significantly accelerates the healing and rehabilitation of the eye. This is very important for eliminating ulcers, clouding, and also for the restoration of the cornea.
  4. Restores the transparency of the cornea and prevents the appearance of a scar (thorn).


The tool is convenient to use in the clinic or at home.

  • Before the procedure, you need to clean the eye of impurities, pus (if present).
  • Apply a drop of the drug directly to the site of damage (cornea, ulcer or eyelid) with a dropper (one drop – 0,05 ml).
  • Dosage – 1-2 drops 1-3 times a day.
  • The course of treatment is from three days to two weeks, depending on the type of damage.

In what forms is it produced?

Reparin-Helper® is available as eye drops and spray.

  • Drops. It is more convenient for the treatment of eye diseases, as it can be applied pointwise to inflamed areas.
  • Spray. It is used for extensive skin lesions.

Prevention of keratitis

Keratitis, like many diseases, is preventable. You just need to know about the right preventive measures and follow them.

  1. Daily hygiene, including eye. Wipe the eye area with a cotton pad moistened with plain warm (boiled) water.
  2. Vaccinations. Vaccination prevents the manifestation of infectious diseases, which, in turn, cause keratitis.
  3. Balanced diet. Nutrition should be correct, rich in vitamins, because often quadrupeds suffer from inflammation of the cornea, which have a deficiency of trace elements in the diet. You can use high-quality industrial feed, or a natural menu, including meat, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, eggs.
  4. Often dogs are injured in street fights, no one is safe from such actions. If the eye is damaged, an antiseptic treatment is needed, after which Reparin-Helper® should be immediately dripped. Be sure to show your four-legged friend to the doctor!
  5. In case of inflammation of the eyes, do not hesitate – contact the clinic, get tested, consult an ophthalmologist.
  6. If your dog is genetically predisposed to eye diseases, is in the risk age group, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Where can I buy Reparin-Helper®?

You can find the full list of points of sale on the official website www.reparin.ru.

If Reparin-Helper® is not yet sold in your locality, you can order it on the official website of the company. The drug is released without a prescription.

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