Kutsikas vingub pidevalt. Mida teha?
Kõik kutsika kohta

Kutsikas vingub pidevalt. Mida teha?

Kutsikas vingub pidevalt. Mida teha?

It is very common for a dog to whine when it enters a new home. In this case, whining can continue both during the day and at night. Even during the game, the puppy may continue to whine. Many owners are lost and do not know what to do. Meanwhile, the further behavior of the dog depends on the reaction of the owner. What to do if the puppy whines?

Whining as a form of communication

Dogs whine when they want to tell their owner something. For them, this is another way of communicating, just like barking or roaring. It is used by pets in several cases.

Miks kutsikas vingub?

  1. Mure

    When the baby gets into a new home, he feels lonely and very worried. Still would! After all, he was taken away from his mother and his own pack. For the first few days, puppy whining at night is typical and quite normal.

    What to do? If you don’t want to spoil your puppy, ignore it. If nothing changes and he continues to whine, give the command “Fu!” in a stern voice. Under no circumstances should you hit a dog. Even a small clap can offend a puppy, and this is an extremely important period for the development and formation of your relationship.

    Is the puppy silent for 10-15 seconds? That’s enough to praise! Praise him less and less each time, increasing the dog’s silence time by 10-15 seconds.

  2. igavus

    Also, the reason why a puppy whines can be very simple – he is bored. In this case, it is necessary to show the baby his toys, find time to play with him.

    If the dog whines at night from boredom, try to “play” it in the evening and tire it out so that it has no strength left. A tired puppy is unlikely to try to draw attention to itself, it simply will not be up to it.

    Often, owners make the same mistake: they stay with a whining puppy next to them or take it to bed with them. If you have done this once, be sure that the dog will remember and then demand your company every time. Retraining a pet will become much more difficult over time.

  3. Valu

    Most often, animals try to endure severe pain without sounds. However, in rare cases, the dog may still whine in pain. Especially if she just got hurt. Examine the puppy for scratches, cuts, or bruises.

  4. Nälg

    A puppy can also whine from hunger, reminding the owner that it’s time for feeding. To prevent this from happening at night, provide the baby with water and food in advance.

  5. Hirm

    Often puppies whine because they are in an unfamiliar situation and they are scared. But then, in addition to whining, you can notice other signs: the dog cuddles up to you, tightens its tail, ears. In this case, it is worth reassuring the pet, letting him know that he is safe.

  6. Manipuleerimine

    Sometimes especially cunning pets may try to manipulate the owner with the help of whining. Emotional owners in such seconds are ready to do whatever the dog wants, if only he would stop whining. Realizing this, the pet may try to manipulate you. The answer to the question of how to wean a puppy from whining, in this case, is simple – ignore it. Otherwise, the pet will constantly resort to this method when he needs something from you. After several unsuccessful attempts, the dog will realize that in this way he will not get what he wants.

Remember that raising a dog is not an easy process, it should not be left to chance, especially in the first months of a pet’s life. All attempts by the baby to put pressure on pity must be stopped so that the dog does not feel like the master of the house and the leader of the pack. If, nevertheless, it happened that you have already made a similar mistake, you should seek help from a cynologist. An ill-bred dog can be a real problem for the whole family.

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