Nad võtsid tänavalt kutsika. Mida teha?
Kõik kutsika kohta

Nad võtsid tänavalt kutsika. Mida teha?

If you decide to keep your pet

In this case, you need to carefully consider everything. It is important to understand that a dog is not a toy, it must be looked after day after day, give it love and attention for many years. This should be discussed with all family members.

The decision to take a puppy from the street is an important and responsible step that will require you to spend a lot of money on visiting the clinic, possible treatment and purchasing all the necessary items for a new family member.

What to do with a puppy from the street?

First of all, the pet should be taken to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible in order to be tested, check the state of health, if necessary, determine its age, make mandatory vaccinations and receive doctor’s recommendations.

The next step is home improvement. For a comfortable life, a dog needs a soft sleeping place, which should first be placed in some secluded corner (under the table, in a wardrobe, etc.). Don’t forget to buy suitable food, food and water bowls, and a few toys. Designate a permanent place in the apartment for bowls, one of which should always have fresh water.

While the dog is getting used to life in a new place, you should start studying the literature on dog training and education. You need to know how to properly explain to your pet the rules of behavior in the house and on the street. Classes with a puppy will probably be easier than with an adult dog, but remember that all living creatures need attention and understanding, and possible difficulties are not a reason to give up.

If you can’t keep your dog

If you want to help a dog off the street but can’t keep it at home, the first step is also to visit a veterinary clinic. The puppy or puppies, if there are several, must be placed in a special carrier or in a large box with holes for air. A puppy from the street is very likely to have some kind of disease, so you should be mentally prepared for spending.

After visiting the clinic, the question arises of where the animal will live and how to find a new home for it. Not everyone has the opportunity to adopt a pet. For this reason, the phenomenon of overexposure is now common, when an animal temporarily and for a fee lives with other people. On the Internet you can find many ads from those who are ready to accept animals, but you should personally communicate with the person to be sure of his conscientiousness and desire to help.

Attaching an animal is the last and, perhaps, the most difficult stage. Well-known sites for posting ads will help you with this. To identify a suitable owner, you can use a questionnaire by which you can understand what kind of person it is. People who already have experience will help to compile such a questionnaire. Volunteers will be happy to support you.

Remember that homeless pets are helpless. They cannot provide themselves with food and safe shelter. However, you can help, and then both a puppy from the street and an old dog that deserves a rest will finally find a loving family.

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