Kust osta broilerikanu: mitu võimalust osta

Kust osta broilerikanu: mitu võimalust osta

Have you ever eaten chicken meat? Many will answer that yes, they bought it in a store. But we can say with confidence that what is sold in stores in the form of carcasses, legs and other chicken parts – with a very big stretch, you can assign the name of chicken meat. If you want to provide yourself or your family with real, tasty, very fragrant chicken meat, then right now you will begin to receive information to implement the natural desire to eat with appetite and, most importantly, is good for health.

Broiler chickens are hybrids obtained from crossing meat and meat chickens. This suggests that anyone can breed broiler chickens, crossing, for example, hens of the Brahma breed with roosters of the Cochinchin breed. But in this article we will talk about where you can buy ready-made young birds.

There are several ways to make such purchases, but in order to make a purchase of young animals, you need to be aware of all the “pitfalls” that may lie in wait for you.


The main source of quality young animals are linnufarmidwho specialize in meat production. Poultry farms do not grow broiler chickens obtained as a result of conventional crossbreeding, but practice a highly productive autosex cross.

The term autosex suggests that day-old chicks can be easily identified by sex – they have a contrasting color, for example, roosters are white, hens are brown. To date, the most popular meat cross that meets all international standards is Smena-7.

Olge ettevaatlik. You should be aware that when buying broiler chickens at poultry farms, you can stumble upon “pitfalls”. The fact is that there are not broiler chicken factories in all regions of our country. Those that are engaged in egg production, but every year they sell broiler chickens. Poultry farms sell day-old white cockerels (autosex hybrid) of the Loman Brown egg direction, falling under the category of meat-and-egg direction, but they are not only real broiler chickens. As a result, one disappointment awaits you from such an acquisition, loss of money and time.

Therefore, when buying chickens at a poultry farm, ask in advance what direction it has, if it is egg, most likely you will be deceived.

If the factory is a broiler, you place an order, pay, then drive home and wait for the appointed date, make a trip for the chickens.

Cons of this purchase

The problem lies in transport, packaging, documentation.

  • After all, not everyone has a broiler poultry farm at their side, therefore you need to bring chickens from afar, observing the optimal conditions of transportation: the temperature must correspond to 30 degrees and above, access to fresh air is required, it is necessary to adjust the light, and also observe the planting density – no more than 1 chickens per 100 square meter.
  • Due to the fact that you are transporting chickens from another region, you need to have the appropriate documents, for this you need to contact the local veterinary department.
  • Another disadvantage is that you will get väljapraakiminebecause no poultry factory will sell you good chickens. The price of a brought chicken will be an order of magnitude higher than when buying from a private trader.

Buying from individuals

In order to get broiler chickens, you place an order for them from private traders, from those persons who engaged in the sale of young, you will be told what numbers the output will fall on, you, respectively, choosing the day, wait.

risk buy fake broiler (non-terminal hybrid) in individuals is very large. Therefore, it is better to buy from trusted people who have been selling broiler chickens for more than a year and have already proven themselves. If you have friends who have already had the experience of buying from them – this is very good. You can also ask for the names of customers who placed an order last year and contact them with a question about the quality of broiler chickens. Don’t go cheap. It is better to buy from trusted people more expensive than cheaper from unknown people. But still not the fact that more expensive means better.


Another way to get young animals is an incubator. Find an incubator from private traders, then go to a poultry farm, buy a breeding egg, put it in an incubator, ootama 22 päeva, you take the hatched chicks, thereby bypassing intermediaries.

Here you have two tasks:

  1. Need to find a good incubator.
  2. Buy a quality breeding egg.

Eggs can only be purchased at broiler poultry farm. You go to the factory, make an order for a certain date. It must be remembered that from the moment when the chicken laid the egg, 6 days should not pass, so put it in the incubator as soon as possible. How is it defined? Look at the blunt end of the egg, there should be an air chamber. If its height is more than two mm, then the hatchability of eggs as a percentage will decrease sharply. The height of the air chamber can be determined by bringing the egg closer to the light source, it will somewhat translucent. At the same time, immediately evaluate the yolk with your eyes, it should be stable and be in the middle.

There are options for a more viable embryo, while the egg will be stored for a longer time, but it is better not to take them. The weight of the egg is 50-73 grammi. The factory will provide you with a special container for transportation.

Incubator. You need to take a place for laying eggs in advance, more often even in winter. The contract is drawn up in this way: 40 percent of the withdrawal remains for the owner, 60 percent for you. In this scenario, the owner of the incubator will be interested in a good conclusion, since he will be able to sell his part.

For these purposes, it is better to use new factory incubatorsThe more modern and more advanced features, the better. Such incubators are aimed at increasing the percentage of hatchability and the quality of young animals. Don’t risk trying to save on laying eggs by using a hand built incubator. Do not forget that you have a high-bred bird, and, therefore, very capricious. Through the incubator, the cost of one unit of poultry will be the lowest.

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