Miks kass pidevalt niidab: kui selline käitumine on loomulik

Miks kass pidevalt niidab: kui selline käitumine on loomulik

The question of why a cat constantly meows, every owner of this fluffy living creature asked himself at least once. The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous – it depends on many factors. Let’s try to figure them out.

Why is the cat constantly meows: when such behavior is natural

So, in what cases is it not worth it worry?

  • The answer to the question of why a cat constantly meows may lie in the very nature of the animal. There are simply sociable cats who prefer to chat about everything they think. And for no particular reason. Representatives of oriental, Siamese breeds, ragdolls are especially prone to this.
  • Often the animal wants to attract the attention of the owner in order to communicate with him, play, get a legitimate portion of scratching. Kittens are especially famous for such sociability. They just need to throw out all their energy, and being alone can be boring. Given that the felines are especially active at night, active meowing should be expected around this time. After all, the animal is bored and wants attention, and the owner is sleeping! Therefore, it is very important from the very first day of the cat’s stay in the house to wean him from the night mode. And during the day you can play with your pet.
  • The demand for food is a classic of the genre. Cats quickly realize that a loud “meow” attracts the attention of a person and leads to feeding. And if you accompany this with a plaintive look and an attempt to indicate the direction of the kitchen, a positive result is completely guaranteed. Cats are still manipulators! This can be corrected by educational measures, but they do not work with all representatives of the cat family.
  • Hormones rule the world of unneutered and unneutered animals quite actively. Such a phenomenon occurs, contrary to popular belief, not only in spring, but several times a year.. The animal yells loudly invitingly and constantly walks as if it is in search of someone. Females also roll on the floor, lift the back of the body. Cats are literally physically uncomfortable from the fact that their desire to become mothers is not satisfied. And it is very important for cats to be told that they are full of energy and ready for procreation.
  • The most interesting thing is that not always sterilization and castration get rid of the nasty meow. Sometimes it is saved. The fact is that such animals will not be able to continue the race, but their pituitary gland still continues to produce hormones.
  • Stress – often it is formed from the unknown. If a cat is being taken, for example, to a veterinary clinic or transported to a country house, he may start to panic. And, therefore, often meows loudly. Especially, as practice shows, kittens often react emotionally to everything. A change of scenery, unknown smells, unknown objects – all this can unsettle the baby.
  • During pregnancy, cats often meow too. The fact is that they perfectly feel the changes in their body, but they do not always realize that they are natural. Cats, which is quite natural, begin to get nervous and notify their owners about this.
  • When a cat moves to a new place, he immediately seeks to communicate that he is the owner of the territory. He declares this to everyone around just with the help of meowing. Over time, when the animal settles in, this condition disappears.
  • A cat can constantly meow after visiting the toilet. If the owner does not immediately respond to the fact that the tray has become dirty, the pet will constantly remind you of this. And then such a reminder will completely become a habit.
  • Some cats constantly meow when they want to take a walk. If the pet loves to make promenades, it may be worth interpreting his call as a request to open the door.
Miks kass pidevalt niidab: kui selline käitumine on loomulik

When the reason lies in any serious problem

А Here are some cases to be concerned about:

  • Worms – if you do not get rid of them, maybe organism becomes intoxicated. Especially, according to experts, worms have a strong effect on kittens. Animals begin to actively meow, they have problems with defecation, shiver.
  • Such parasites, like ticks and fleas, also cause active anxiety cat. You can recognize their presence by restless behavior of the animal, its constant attempts to scratch.
  • Required the cat meows even after being injured. For example, a spinal injury. Wherein he is lethargic and cannot move normally, he is constantly shaking. But Of course, it all depends on the injury itself – depending on its type and relevant symptoms.
  • If the cat meows loudly while visits the tray, this may indicate about bowel problems for example. Also problems cannot be ruled out. with the stomach or urinary tract.
  • If meowing is happening in a strange way – the timbre changes, for example, it means the animal could have picked up somewhere virus. However, the same cat can react to the activity of parasites, which are actively growing.
  • Disease Alzheimer’s or nervous breakdown “It’s not just fear anymore. If matter of aging or lingering stress, it’s time to start take special sedatives veterinary drugs. They will help the pet at least for a while time to calm down.

Of course, animals communicate in a different language than we. However, this does not mean at all that such language cannot be understood. Attentive the owner will always understand what exactly his pet needs at this moment.

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