Miks koer inimest lakub: loomulikest instinktidest

Miks koer inimest lakub: loomulikest instinktidest

“Why is the dog lick a person? – for sure this question sooner or later occurred to everyone. Some are watching this phenomenon with emotion, while others nervously begin to represent microbes. But everyone equally interested in why same dog does so. I propose to find out what the same reason. More precisely, the reasons.

Why does a dog lick a person: about natural instincts

Despite that some people are suspicious relate to this phenomenon, push to him can the usual loom instinct:

  • Aspiration lick the owner may be the desire of the pet show that he considers a person a part of his flock. Some dogs inherit similar behavior from childhood. Then puppy faced with the fact that his mother performs its licking, and constantly. Thus, it reduces the risk of infection of their offspring, because the immunity of the latter has not yet been developed. But even later mother keeps licking puppies, as if thereby fastening family ties. And now, already becoming completely adults, dogs learn this behavior, transferring it to those who considered part of their family. No all dogs, I must say, adopt a similar pattern of behavior, but occurs this is often.
  • Sometimes dogs just want it this way show your love. After all, animals, just like people, have different character. And some tend constantly demonstrate to the object attachments, how good are they to belong to him.
  • Some doggy choose lick like constant way to show that it would be nice have a bite. Again, here is the source lies in childhood. puppy this way often asks his mother to share with him food. So if it gets hit arm or, more commonly, the face owner, it’s worth checking the content pet bowls.
  • If a person is unfamiliar, a dog by licking just trying to hook up with him acquaintance. The point is that the nose and the language of the animal retain some information about a stranger, and further this person will already be recognized as familiar character.
  • There is also the view that human body like dogs. Even though it sounds somewhat bloodthirsty, but really i mean our skin becomes salty when we, for example, we sweat. This is what attracts pets. Also they might like the smell of our sweat. Some researchers believe that sweat contains some trace elements, salt – they may not grab the dogs. Actually this the hypothesis has not been scientifically proven in any way, but, I think she also has a chance to exist.
  • Dogs often – those still owners that they demonstrate by licking. Eslev in the presence of strangers, the dog licks face, palms or ear owner, he seems to demonstrate what can invade personal space his person, has rights to him.

When a person is to blame

But it also happens that in a similar pet’s behavior is to blame võõrustaja:

  • Often, wondering why the dog lick a person attentive owners come to the conclusion that the pet seeks to attract Attention. This happens to puppies when they want to convey something to the mother. Except moreover, smart dogs see that a person smiles in response to a lick, starts scratching behind the ear, stroking, talk, play. All dogs tend to armastus such communication with the owner! И if the pet draws parallels between with their behavior and following it constant human reaction, he will so demand communication always. Yet if, for example, the owner’s wife is bitten leg, it is unlikely that the dog will receive a joyful response reaction.
  • Sometimes This behavior is based on fear. If the pet is too impressionable, he may worry that his master fell out of love. Or just might be worried any external events like moving, going to the vet. AND, licking a person, in such cases he looking for support.
  • Sometimes the dog shows his concern because something is wrong with his health It happened. For example, the a small wound on the paw or something like that. That is this is a kind of signal – “turn Look, there’s something wrong with me.” How usually this happens if the owner not watching closely health status of the pet.
  • Sometimes a person spoils his pet too much. And because of such permissiveness, the dog starts to misbehave. If she doesn’t see obstacles to their behavior, will continue in the same vein.
  • Noticed that dogs can behave like this because of lack of physical activity. Them it is very necessary to throw out energy, but where – they do not know. This happens with active breeds, which are properly are not engaged.

Reply to the question of whether it is possible to wean a dog lick owner, you can only understand the reasons for this phenomena and understanding why that’s what your dog does. In general, as usual, one should find the origin of the problem. I hope that this article will help the owners to unravel behavior your favorites.

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