Miks sa ei saa madusid tappa? Märgid ja mis on madude kasu

Miks sa ei saa madusid tappa? Märgid ja mis on madude kasu

“You can’t kill snakes – is that true?” some readers ask, puzzled. If a snake climbs into a plot or even into a house or happens to meet it while walking through the forest, many are unlikely to be happy. Meanwhile, many have heard the belief that it is impossible to exterminate unexpected guests. But what does it have to do with it? And what can disobedience lead to? Let’s try to be objective.

You can’t kill snakes: signs about it

Anciently killing a snake was considered bad luck deed, and miks:

  • The snake of the house, as it was believed, serves as its amulet. If this guest decided to settle within the housing and lay eggs there, then, as the owners of the house believed, this circumstance saves them from financial losses. But is it good to lose such a talisman? Certainly this should lead to the opposite effect – monetary losses, for example, and health may also suffer.
  • You can’t kill snakes also because it promises successive misfortunes. It was believed, for example, that after killing one snake, a person would have to live 5 years in misfortune. And, accordingly, the number of unlucky years will increase if you had to get rid of several reptiles.
  • The inhabitants of Rus’ considered the snake to be the protector of the soul. And if an unexpected guest crawled into the yard, it was perceived as a good omen. She was fed with milk, eggs, cheese. Even in fairy tales, the perception of this amphibian as an adviser, mentor, savior of lost souls was reflected. If such a wise man is killed, the person can wallow in temptations, go, as they say, “down the slope.”
  • In Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, snakes were considered brownies. Moreover, those who protect not only the head of the family, but also all household members. It was ideal if a snake family lived under the house, the number of individuals of which was equal to the number of households. Crawling into the house, such brownies gave peace to the dwelling, healed, bestowed a long life.
  • Sometimes it was even believed that the reptile was a kind of double of a family member. That’s what the Czechs thought. They thought that by killing a snake, a person at the same time reduces the number of years lived by one of his relatives.
  • A fairly large percentage of people of past eras considered snakes to be the embodiment of deceased ancestors. Therefore, if such a snake crawled to visit, it was believed that this was some other relative or friend who had departed into the world and said hello.
  • Sometimes the snake was perceived as a harbinger of the imminent appearance of guests. It is possible that they will arrive with a desire to woo some young lady from the family. And it was considered bad manners to kill messengers promising good changes. The snake was also considered a harbinger for travelers. If, going out into the yard, a person saw a reptile hastily crawling away, he knew that misfortunes could await him along the way. Therefore, it is better to postpone the trip.
  • Caucasians perceived the snake as a harbinger of replenishment in the family. Moreover, it was believed that an unexpected guest promises a boy. Killing such an envoy is tantamount to frightening off a long-awaited replenishment.
Why cant you kill snakes? Signs and what is the use of snakes

Is it dangerous to meet a snake: objectively assess the need of protection

For the beginning is to understand whether it is worth it at all afraid of meeting with a snake. If a man buys a ticket to an exotic the country, of course, is better not at all encounter reptiles. А even better to avoid their places altogether habitat. Because many of them out there are known to be able harm a person.

А as for Russia, really We don’t have many venomous snakes. about 11. More or less harmful to human health is about 40. In fact In fact, researchers are constantly arguing about these figures, so they are approximate. It all depends on which classification held by one scholar or another.

In any case, the largest number of dangerous snakes live in the southern regions – these are the southern parts of the Far East, the Caucasus. There are very few of them in the rest of Russia. Moreover, regardless of the classification options for reptiles, all researchers agree in this opinion. And the most common poisonous variant is the viper.

IMPORTANT: First of all, from the bite of a viper can children and the elderly suffer.

However, do not panic, and in the event of a meeting with a viper, try to immediately kill it. The fact is that the number of fatal bites does not exceed 0,5%! In other cases, the person remains alive and well. And the common viper, meanwhile, is already in the Red Book, so it’s worth saving it.

But In addition, to create poison, the viper needs try hard – usually almost all of her strength is gone. Thus, if there is such a possibility, this snake better crawl away, preferring not contact an unexpected guest. She will attack only when she does not see opportunities for retreat. That is, when “driven into a corner.” Attempt attack first and get rid of reptile just will be regarded like a “corner”. But before that the snake will let you know verbally many times that it is better for a man to hide.

However, there is a type of viper that is considered aggressive – this is a gyurza. Gyurza will not stand on ceremony and will attack first. And don’t expect warnings. Especially during the breeding season, that is, in the spring. Therefore, it is worth changing the route as soon as this snake appears on the horizon. Trying to kill her is also not worth it, since the nimble gyurza is usually more dexterous than a person, and most likely will be able to bite.

Why cant you kill snakes? Signs and what is the use of snakes

What is the use of snakes

Tips about not killing snakes, often dictated not only by anxiety about the conservation of nature. And not only superstitions from the depths centuries. The fact is that a snake from antiquity served as a helper to man!

И Here are the benefits it could bring:

  • Basis The diet of snakes is made up of mice. Available I mean those reptiles that live in Russia. Wild rodents are the same as everyone knows, endure a lot diseases dangerous to humans. Well, in addition, destroy stocks food, which is also no one like it. That is, it turns out that non-poisonous creature capable of harming we are much more than a snake, which puts many into a stupor from the very first meeting moments. Snakes able to regulate as well as cats number of mice! Therefore, if a person sees in his plot the snake, he should take a closer look Is there a garbage dump nearby or waste after repair? Such places very attractive to rodents. BUT so for snakes.
  • Sami snakes, in turn, are the diet for some living beings. For example, for hedgehogs. In a word, they are only only part of the food chain and many other living beings. If a exterminate all the snakes in the district, diet hedgehogs will noticeably become scarce.
  • Snakes able to warn of imminent danger natural character. Of course, they don’t do it on purpose. Just, if an earthquake is foreseen or fire, the snake tries to crawl away like as soon as possible and as far away from the alleged crash site. An attentive person may well save yourself and thank him for it costs just a snake.
  • Poison – an ingredient for a large amount medicines. Therefore, even a poisonous snake killing is not worth it without a clear threat to life. She might be of some use someone, sharing with a person, experienced in catching snakes, with their venom.

Considering that snakes tend to grovel – that is, crawl – notice them it doesn’t happen right away. Upon detection the same unexpected guest at a person often may appear animal fear that blocks common sense. We hope that the article information will allow when meeting with snake more soberly assess the consequences this meeting.

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