Miks kassid ei saa piima: me mõistame põhjuseid

Miks kassid ei saa piima: me mõistame põhjuseid

“Why can’t cats have milk?” – many owners are perplexed. And that is true: from childhood, thanks to cartoons and fairy tales, the idea was instilled that a cat and milk are inseparable concepts. And then suddenly it turns out that it is impossible to give them this drink. Let’s try to figure it out.

Why can’t cats have milk? understand the reasons

У many people misunderstand based not only on the stereotype, but also on the fact that kittens drink milk! So they are allowed. Why same adults individuals, this food is suddenly undesirable to use?

Yes, Do kittens really drink? milk. But it is important to understand that it belongs to mother cat, not cow or goat. And they differ significantly. Moreover, with As the animal ages, it loses the ability digest lactose. lactose This is the so-called “milk sugar”. And it must certainly be adopted organism.

For digestion of lactose – that is, its splitting – special enzymes. And they are just in the cat’s body in a limited quantity. And initially, from the very young age. And as you grow up and all these enzymes begin to disappear.

IMPORTANT: When milk is not absorbed by the body, diarrhea begins.

And laxative effect may be strong enough – the cat just sometimes fails to reach the tray. And such will be repeated every time try milk. No to notice such a reaction impossible.

However, it should be noted that everything is individual. In some cats, enzymes disappear completely and, as a result, diarrhea is stable. For others, they may be kept in small quantities. In the latter case, the animal can enjoy milk without any special consequences.

But no benefit from milk – not even the most quality – the cat will not receive in anyway. Therefore, it makes sense to treat they don’t have an animal. А here’s an allergy due to denatured protein and casein cat get quite can.

Some owners are confused by the fact that pets begging for milk. If an animal demands, is it really not suitable for him food? Really not to be relied upon to some special animal instinct – pets often beg for what they does not bring any benefit and, more moreover, it even causes harm. Same occurs in the case of milk.

What to do if the kitten need to give milk

But what to do if the kitten is left without mother and need to feed him somehow?

  • First Indeed, the question arises as to why cats can’t have milk if the cat is still tiny and has enzymes that break down lactose? After all, based on this fact, the baby can somehow digest the milk without any unpleasant consequences. However, as mentioned earlier, cat milk is not the same cow or goat. It’s different in composition – it is completely different content of fats, proteins and other substances. That eat enough nutritional value the usual milk for a kitten is not carries.
  • therefore the best solution is to use special milk replacer. Buy such a substitute can be in a specialized pet store. He is a dry mix can be prepared according to the instructions. It will contain all useful for growing cats substances.
  • Et dairy the mixture worked, strongly recommended to adhere to special mode. А namely, regale the baby with it every 120 minutes. Start with 1 ml of milk for one hour, and then it is necessary at Increase volume with each feeding 10 ml. In such a case, such a special milk will bring much more benefit, than goat or cow.
  • Как as a rule, the kitten eats maternal milk for a month. Then you can start weaning him off that milk or a mixture that mimics it. But weaning should be done gradually is also important to consider.

Milk, definitely useful – it contains a lot of nutrients. However, not it is worth forgetting that what is useful people, it is far from always possible to give our smaller brothers. When choosing them diet should show the maximum care and caution.

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