Miks kassid magavad inimeste peal: me mõistame põhjuseid

Miks kassid magavad inimeste peal: me mõistame põhjuseid

“Why do cats sleep on humans?” – surely a similar question was formed in the head of every cat lover at least once. Is there some mystical meaning in such actions, or are they quite explainable from the point of view of science? Let’s try to figure it out.

Why do cats sleep on humans? understand natural causes

So, what can affect the desire of a cat lie down on the owner?

  • finding out why cats sleeping on a person should take into account that these animals love comfort, and in every possible way aspire to it. Considering that in average length of sleep for cats is 14 hours, they just need find the most comfortable place. Batteries may be too hot. But on the human body already more cozy as its temperature is lower, than the body temperature of the cats themselves. Especially often lamab cat per person, as noted by many the owners of these animals, when too hot or, conversely, the weather is different rainy, chilly. That eat, when the animal can be especially uncomfortable.
  • Of course same, tuning in for a long rest, it is important for the animal to feel security. Otherwise, it cannot fully relax. Where is more safe as not next to your loved one the owner, to whom it has long arose complete trust? The smell of the host causes sense of security, encourages to constantly come to him for rest.
  • cat, like a devoted pet, you often want show the depth of your trust, love. It is noted that the cat will never settle down on a person, to who has no sympathy. Consequently, the if the cat carefully fits on the owner, which means that reigns between them complete harmony. И the animal strives at night somehow compensate for what the day a person goes on business, is busy with something at home – in a word, does not give enough attention.
  • Cat – a creature that likes to demonstrate their boundaries. Sleep on the host or on his things is actually the same as rub against him, for example. Let all people around know that this person belongs to this cat, and that the cat in which case, ready to defend his territory and its people!

Choosing a place to sleep: what affects it

А how to understand why the cat wanted fall for one or the other koht?

  • There is the opinion that the animal lies on the sick place. And what is most interesting is the opinion is quite true! The fact is that the sore spot often becomes inflamed. BUT this in turn leads to some an increase in the temperature of that area. The cats just feel it, striving lay down on him. Therefore, by the way, pets often like to perch on their heads person – fever or migraine they feel great. Some even claim that favorites are completely consciously trying to alleviate our discomfort, not just bask on warm area.
  • By the way about warmth. According to research, 80% heat transfer falls on the area heads. That is why on it and on pillow the pet especially loves to nest. Not don’t forget to smell good too. – shampoos, perfumes – which can attract an animal.
  • On the the owner’s chest and under his side the pet can fit, as it is considered, when feel the person’s bad mood. Animals are indeed very sensitive. to the fluctuations of the human emotional states. Kinda they aspire conduct a psychotherapy session in places like this.
  • If the cat lay down on the master’s back, it means she perceives the person like a trophy. She strives to show who is really in charge in the house, wants to emphasize its superiority.
  • Kohta kõht mustachioed tailed pet settle down if his mistress pregnant. And even if she herself is not yet aware of her interesting position! Not all about it know, but the cats really were kind of pregnancy test our ancestors. Again, all thanks increased sensitivity of animals to various changes in the body of the hosts. Or the person may have inflammatory process in the area belly, albeit a small one.
  • If the cat lay down on its feet, which means she most likely has peaceful nature. Such pets perfectly feel the fatigue of a person, the heaviness that accumulates just in the legs. And, stacking on them, the animals as if trying to relieve a burden.
  • Esoterics claim that cats are very sensitive to negative energy. Counts, that they lie exactly where such energy prevails. It is also considered that seals are great at stabilizing her, removing all the bad.

У each person his attitude to the fact that the cat is on it sleeping: some come to the real delight, others grumble with displeasure. Anyway understand the reasons for this pet behavior is very interesting. And we hope that we were able to fully answer such an interesting question.

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