Miks koer haiseb suust halvasti: määrame haiguse

Miks koer haiseb suust halvasti: määrame haiguse

The dog is bad smells from the mouth – problem, which is familiar to many dog ​​breeders. And if some calmly react to it – like a dog like a person does not brush his teeth – then others fall into a real panic. In fact, both the reaction and the other are extremes. Of course, you should not panic, but if the smell became somehow unusual, it is worth finding origin of this phenomenon.

Dog smells bad mouth: determine the disease

For start we’ll see when should be concerned:

  • Plaque and, as a result, calculus, is perhaps the most common cause of bad breath. Of course, in itself this is not some kind of serious sore. However, if you start this problem, it can develop into, for example, the active reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Actually, just because of them, an unpleasant smell begins to come from the mouth. If this problem is not eliminated, it may well become a springboard for inflammation of the surrounding tissues, gums, they will begin to bleed. In especially neglected cases, as evidenced by more than one review of dog breeders and comments of veterinarians, inflammation spreads to the jaw bones. The dog may even lose teeth! Therefore, the teeth of the animal must be cleaned either in the hospital or on their own. He also needs to buy special toys, nutritional supplements and treats that help process the enamel.
  • Malignant neoplasms also provoke an unpleasant odor. Not everyone knows that the oral cavity is also a springboard for their formation, but, nevertheless, it is so. Representatives of breeds with a shortened muzzle are especially prone to this. We are talking about bulldogs, for example. It will stink, as dog breeders admit, something rotten-sweet.
  • However, fortunately, the pet’s mouth can surprise not only in the form of neoplasms, but also in the form of ordinary wounds. This, of course, is unpleasant, but already better than the previous case. Various infections can form in the wounds, suppuration occurs – hence the bad smell. In this case, you should carefully examine the mouth of the pet.
  • Sometimes inflammation of the gums occurs due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract or due to beriberi. You can recognize such inflammation by swelling in the mouth – gingivitis. And also on the sores – they serve as a source of smell.
  • The fact that there are problems associated with the urinary system will be indicated by the smell from the mouth with an ammonia tint. It is difficult to confuse it with anything – it is quite sharp. If urine cannot leave the body normally, ammonia will certainly be excreted by the tissues. In particular, this happens with kidney failure. Reaction in in this case, immediate treatment is necessary, since the kidneys in animals are reluctant to treat.
  • Autoimmune imbalance – mainly diabetes mellitus – manifests itself with an odor similar to the smell of acetone. It is familiar to women – it smells like a standard nail polish remover. An additional argument in favor of this diagnosis is a strong constant thirst.
  • If the smell resembles the stench of rotten meat, then the pet has liver problems. Unfortunately, it is formed already in the last stages of the disease, when it is rarely possible to help. This symptom may be accompanied by the acquisition of a yellowish tint by the gums, a decrease in appetite.
  • Infection with worms – most often roundworms, well known to many dogs, are to blame. However, tapeworms or tapeworms are unfortunately also a possibility. In any case, the parasites begin to rapidly populate the intestines, as a result of which the food cannot be digested normally, it rots. This is how bad breath comes out. And the animal begins to pay close attention to its tail – more precisely, to the area around it.
  • Allergic reactions – as experts admit, they are the most difficult to diagnose. And all because the symptoms are quite diverse. And an unpleasant smell is one of the manifestations of an irritant. As well as the fact that something can constantly itch – for example, an ear.

When it starts to smell due to illness

However, the there are times when diseases nothing to do with:

  • У dog breath smell very often when she is little. Puppy always going through a period of dairy change teeth for permanent. That is, they are constantly shattered. And that means in the gaps between them and the gums can get leftover food. They provoke the appearance of an unpleasant odor. But what about otherwise, if the leftover food is beautiful breeding ground for bacteria? Как practice shows, rarely what kind of puppy avoids this, so watch it especially carefully teeth. This is especially true for representatives breeds such as Pekingese, Yorkies, chihuahua, Pekingese, etc. – in a word, small ones. They loose their teeth hard, as a result of which the gums are injured.
  • Dental cracks, by the way, sometimes appear when wrong bite. And then in them for sure food leftovers accumulate leading to unpleasant smell mouth signals.
  • puppies, as you know, they gnaw at everything that comes across they are on their way. And this is very often turn leads to minor injuries in the oral cavity. In such scratches accumulate various microorganisms, that cause odor.
  • Wrong compiled diet – also not uncommon cause of bad breath. It happens when protein foods predominate. Prië digestion releases nitrogenous substance that causes stink from the mouth. Even though dogs love meat, the diet should be brought in balance with other useful for animal products. For example, fish vegetables, fruits. By the way, the last and help clean teeth from plaque. BUT here are the sweet and fatty dishes to follow exclude from the diet.
  • Some Dogs love to dig through trash. Even if they eat well, instinct hunter-search engine takes its toll. Of course, it is difficult after such pastime pet expect that pleasant things will come from him aroma. In that case it helps a lot. muzzle.
  • У some dogs deposit leftover food behind the wings. It happens to animals brachycephalic type – pugs, bulldogs, etc. In their space cheeks often something settles, and then it decomposes, it can smell.
  • Как practice shows, can affect even water. Best for pet bottled spring water. From chlorinated it may develop dysbacteriosis, and it, in turn, gives bad breath.

Smell from the mouth – often one of the manifestations that something is wrong. And, having managed understand why it arose, an attentive owner will understand what should he do.

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