Miks Yorkies lõhnab: mis võivad olla põhjused

Miks Yorkies lõhnab: mis võivad olla põhjused

Why do they smell York?” – this question is often heard from dog breeders. And their surprise understand, because there is an opinion that An animal of this breed does not smell. At least some pronounced неприятным запахом. Итак, предлагаю sort out this issue.

Why Yorkies smell: what there may be reasons

So, why does it smell bad york?

  • Hygiene problems – this happens quite often, and this is a common answer to the question of why Yorkies smell. The dog is either bathed too rarely, or, conversely, almost daily. Both that, and another equally negatively can influence not the pet. After all, natural grease must certainly be present, and too frequent washing and shampooing remove it. According to reviews, the optimal frequency is once a week. Иначе вполне может возникнуть неприятный запах. После каждого купания непременно стоит высушивать шёрстку феном, так как мокрая шерсть многократно усиливает неприятный запах. Также после каждого купания непременно нужно чистить ушки, а зубы – дважды либо трижды в неделю. Ведь запах из ушей или пасти часто сигнализируют о проблемах с гигиеной. Лапки и область гениталий также нуждаются в частой обработке – предпочтительно после каждой прогулки.
  • Имеет значение даже то, как хозяин вычёсывает шерсть! А ведь она у йорка длинная, и оставить колтун либо не уследить за удалением отмерших шерстинок достаточно легко.
  • It is necessary to take care not only of the pet, but also of housing. Regular cleaning, removal of the tray, perhaps, will reduce the amount of unpleasant odor that the dog is quite capable of absorbing. After all, often a puppy who has not yet learned to relieve himself in a tray or on a walk does all his deeds on a carpet or linoleum. Of course, all this cannot smell like roses and, of course, the baby will smell like that.
  • Nutrition also plays a role. An unbalanced diet, treats to whatever your pet desires, is a sure way to stomach problems. And stomach problems, as you know, can be recognized, among other things, by bad breath.
  • Stress can also produce a similar reaction in the form of smell. И ничего удивительного в этом нет, если вспомнить о том, что при испуге сальные железы начинают работать в усиленном режиме. А ведь йорк – пёсик миниатюрный – потому и боится чаще, чем большой уверенный в себе пёс.
  • And, of course, diseases can also give a similar signal. For example, inflammation of the glands near the anus may occur. Also, sometimes the skin between the fingers, in the armpits, becomes inflamed. Fungi and various kinds of infections also give a similar symptom. And, of course, problems with gums, teeth – this generally happens very often.
Miks Yorkies lõhnab: mis võivad olla põhjused

Mida teha

That do a caring owner?

  • For First you need to determine the source smell. And for this you have to sniff to a pet. Even if he accepts it like a game, you need to try to calm down dog and continue the study. It is quite it is possible that it will be possible to deal with question on your own. But in this case, without an accurate diagnosis can not do.
  • Next needs to be well researched problem area. Maybe in the skin Are there any imperfections in the cover? That is, redness, scratching. If they имеются, нужно выстричь шерсть в этом place, wipe problem areas хлоргексидином, зелёнкой. А может быть, a problem with the ears and do they have crusts? Then they must be carefully delete. By the way, chlorhexidine is just поможет удалить выделения из глаз и ears as hygienically as possible.
  • Probably Hygiene needs to be revisited. So, if you fully wash and cut a Yorkie difficult, please contact grooming specialist. And of course you need elevate it to permanent status.
  • В in some cases without a visit to the veterinarian not to be dispensed with, and it is not to be neglected follows. Only специалист может провести УЗИ, различные анализы. Без этого порой добиться точной diagnosis is impossible.

Dog – далеко не самый приятный запах. Иногда примешивается также гниль Or does it feel like it smells smoked meat. И, конечно, нередко он служит сигналом any problems. I hope this The article helped me figure it out.

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