Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

Birds as pets are chosen less often than dogs, hamsters or guinea pigs. However, their preference many still give. After all, keep a small feathered bird in a cage much easier than a big dog in conditions the whole apartment.

About brand Triol

Triol has been in existence since 1994. For several decades of successful work, many products for pets have been produced and sold. The company managed to accumulate considerable experience, gain invaluable knowledge, which in many ways contributed to the accumulation of such a large capital.

Today the company continues to grow rapidly. It produces quality products for animals. Regular assortment is replenished, a competitive products. Products are delivered to addressee by several modes of transport.

More twenty foreign countries cooperate with Triol. The main direction is permanent product improvement, creation something new. The range of equipment and accessories for animals ranging from feed ending with real houses.

How to choose a bird cage?

Before go to the store decide what you need a cage or an aviary. In the first case, this is a box consisting of grids and rods. Used for content and carrying birds. In the second large spacious cage suitable for birds medium and large size. Is different the fact that the birds inside can fly.

Cell purpose and dimensions

Dimensions future cells depend on the size birds, the number of individuals. Apartments for keeping birds should be spacious to when waving their wings did not cling to the bars. Please note that the feeder, drinker, other accessories also take up space.

Narrow cells do not fit, a new friend will start in them experience stress due to lack of movement will appear obesity, other diseases. Birds living in cramped conditions are aggressive.

Big houses are also uncomfortable. They are expensive, take up a lot of space. In addition, if a small bird in such conditions will also be uncomfortable.

Roof and base shape

Base most products are rectangular, and the roof is flat. It is easy to place here drinkers, perches and other attributes. The cage is easy to clean and wash. Popular also square attributes, but buying them make sure the places the bird will enough.

in a fright parrots can hide in the corner, buying cage, take note. The foundation should not be round, otherwise problems with orientation, which is inevitable affect the psyche.


options bird cage door opener several:

  1. From above down, bottom up and sideways. Each of methods for the bird is safe, but hosts may forget to close. The best option is to open to the side.
  2. Sliding – up down. The door is the most dangerous often falls on the paws or neck of the bird, which causes injury.

Do not forget make sure the lock closes securely. If the door is sliding, as add-ons are recommended to purchase stainless steel ring, it will be in quality additional latch.

Execution option

There is several criteria, on which few pay attention, but they have no last value:

  1. Availability additional doors. Facilitate additional installation process accessories inside.
  2. retractable pallet. Much easier to clean the cage.
  3. Availability high side – does not allow getting debris around the cage.
  4. Partition to divide the space inside. AT a large cage with it can be kept two pets at once.
  5. Lattice, installed on the bottom. The bird won’t come into contact with garbage falls on the pallet.
  6. Ringlead for hanging. During the warm season the cage can be hung outside or balcony.
  7. Wheels. A large cage thanks to them will be move around the room.
  8. Rods with reinforcement. Large birds may strike beak on the cage, reinforcement will protect it from damage.

welcome models of cells with a collapsible design. Maintenance and placement of accessories will be simpler.


Cells for birds are made of metal, and also combinations of plastic and metal. AT expensive models may be present wood. The best coating is stainless steel with chrome or polymer coated.

From the models made of brass or copper discard, they oxidize and become life-threatening birds. Doesn’t fit galvanized or painted iron – the coating is short-lived, will peel off.

Important the distance between the twigs matters. A large gap is unacceptable, the bird may stick your head out and get stuck. small the distance is also not suitable, small distance blocks the view.

Bird cages for sale in different configurations. Good models come with drinkers, feeders, swings, perches. The finished look is provided by the stand, the corner with it becomes truly birdlike. They can be with shelves for food, with wheels.

Rating of the best cells Triol in 2021

Bird cage Golden

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

The original bird cage is a useful accessory for owners of small feathered pets.

Bird Cage 9100G – Gold

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

A “golden” bird cage with a figured roof is a useful accessory for owners of feathered pets.

Bird Cage 1600G – Gold

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

The original bird cage with a figured roof is a useful accessory for owners of feathered pets.

Round bird cage 33A – enamel

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

Round spacious bird cage is a universal accessory for owners of feathered pets.

Bird cage 503 – enamel

Parimad Trioli linnupuurid 2021. aastal

Rectangular enameled bird cage is a useful accessory for owners of feathered pets.

Buy or make a cage for a parrot?

Greater Parrots spend most of their time in a cage. This attribute is necessary for them, so how to keep at home it won’t work otherwise. To the will of the birds only released when someone is at home, otherwise the birds may get injured, become prey for other households animals.

go and buying a parrot is half the battle. Together with the advent of a new “family member” there is a lot of trouble. First of all they are about looking for a cell. Buy or is it better to do it yourself? Second the case is chosen by many, but already in the process regret work. Will have to buy a lot material, tools, spend time and not the fact that it will turn out that was intended.

Much it’s easier to go to the store, consult with a specialist and buy ready-made product. It is the size you need you can immediately bring a bird and plant in a cell. No nerves, waste time. In addition, the finished cage costs much less than you would spend on materials.

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