Kimalase hammustus – kuidas käituda ja mida peaks inimene tegema kimalasehammustusega?

Kimalase hammustus – kuidas käituda ja mida peaks inimene tegema kimalasehammustusega?

The bumblebee belongs to the order Hymenoptera. They have chosen the wild nature of the countries located in the northern hemisphere of our planet. This hardworking insect pollinates various plants, giving them a chance to exist. To date, scientists have a huge number of subspecies of insects that differ in their external parameters.

According to its vital characteristics, a bumblebee close to honey bees. Bumblebees, social insects, do all the work together. They spend a lot of time getting food, water, protecting their lair, stinging them with poison from enemies. At the same time, only female Hymenoptera have a sting. Due to the fact that the weapon of insects has a flat and smooth surface, unlike bees, they do not forget it in the body of the victim.

What are the symptoms of a bumblebee bite?

The expression “bite” used in everyday life is actually not entirely true, since the bumblebee does not bite, but inflicts damage with a sting located at the tip of the abdomen. Insect defense tool has a hollow structure, inside resembling a needle of a medical syringe, due to which the poison penetrates the victim’s body.

The sensation of acute pain, itching of the skin, swelling after a bumblebee bite is due to the penetration of poison under the skin, consisting of a protein mixture. Such a poisonous solution very often causes a severe allergy in a person. Although the likelihood of an allergic reaction in humans is minimal and amounts to only 1% of all bitten annually.

Manifestation of a local reaction body on a bumblebee sting is expressed in the form of severe pain, burning, as well as redness of swelling as in the photo and severe itching directly around the bite. In most cases, unpleasant symptoms resolve on their own within a few days and do not require medical intervention or specific drug treatment.

In the case of an allergic reaction to a bumblebee sting, it develops rapidly within half an hour, and its symptoms differ depending on the individual characteristics of the victim’s body and the amount of poison released by the insect.

  1. Itching, swelling and redness all over the body are the first signs of an allergy to a bumblebee sting.
  2. Vomiting and dizziness may occur.
  3. Also, manifestations of suffocation are not uncommon when a person does not have enough air.
  4. The pulse quickens, chills appear, the temperature rises, the joints begin to hurt.
  5. In especially severe cases, loss of consciousness is possible, accompanied by convulsions. The end result of such symptoms may be anaphylactic shock and, as a result, the mandatory hospitalization of the victim.

Of particular danger are multiple bumblebee stings. Also at increased risk are women in a piquant position and allergies.

What to do if bitten by a bumblebee?

In the case of a local reaction that is not accompanied by allergic manifestations, medical treatment is not prescribed. But in such a situation, it is desirable to minimize the consequences of a bumblebee bite, for which perform simple manipulations.

  1. If a sting remains in the body of the victim, which happens extremely rarely, then it is carefully removed with tweezers treated with any antiseptic.
  2. The area around the bite must be treated with peroxide or a weak solution of potassium permanganate or other available antiseptic – vinegar or alcohol diluted with water – should be used.
  3. A cold compress would be useful, especially if the bite fell on a sensitive area. Cold will reduce blood circulation, thereby relieving pain, reducing swelling and slowing down the penetration of poison into the body. You can apply sugar moistened with water, refined sugar, which has the ability to draw out poison, to the wound.
  4. People with allergies should definitely take an antihistamine.
  5. It is important to consume a large amount of liquid after a bumblebee bite, and it is better to drink warm sweet tea. If the victim’s condition continues to deteriorate or the first signs of an allergy appear, you should immediately go to the clinic for professional help.

In case of poisoning of sensitive areas: neck, mouth or other parts of the face, you should immediately call a doctor, as delay lead to serious complicationsassociated with difficulty breathing.

Bumblebee sting treatment at home

Despite the fact that the bite of a bumblebee is quite painful, you can cope with its consequences on your own. At the same time, there is some popular folk recipes bumblebee sting treatment at home.

  • Fresh dandelion leaves are crushed and applied to the affected area, after which it is wrapped with a bandage or a clean cloth. Such a compress is changed every couple of hours until the redness disappears at the site of the bite.
  • A parsley compress, made by analogy with a dandelion, helps very well with a bumblebee bite.
  • Half a teaspoon of tansy color is diluted with a glass of hot boiling water and brought to readiness over a fire for 5 minutes. The strained composition is used as lotions at the site of the bite.
  • The crushed onion head is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin and fixed with a bandage.
  • Also effective against bumblebee bites are thin slices of potatoes that are applied to the wound.
  • Lemon juice compress also relieves inflammation and swelling well.
  • The bite site is washed under running water and rubbed with a banana fruit. The procedure is preferably repeated every 2-3 hours.
  • A half of an apple, tomato or garlic is applied to the place of the bumblebee bite. You can also use chopped garlic mixed with honey. Such compresses are changed several times a day.
  • You can use frozen milk cubes by applying them to the lesion.
  • One tablet of activated charcoal, crushed into powder, is diluted in water to a mushy consistency. The bite site is lubricated with the resulting solution and wrapped in polyethylene to prevent the substance from drying out quickly.
  • Validol tablets effectively help relieve inflammation, which is wetted in water and applied to the wound.
  • Baking soda is diluted with water, and gruel is applied to the bite site.

If a person was bitten by a bumblebee or bitten by a bee, then in no case do not drink alcoholic beveragesbecause they cause increased swelling. Very often, a person is an insect provocateur, which uses a sting for protection purposes, biting the aggressor. The bumblebee reacts aggressively to the harsh aromas of alcohol spirits of meat, fried, bonfire, and even natural human smell. People need to understand that an insect will never attack first, so it’s best not to provoke it.

Measures to prevent bumblebee stings

The bumblebee cannot be attributed to aggressive insects such as wasps and even honey bees. Cases of bumblebee bites are a rarity. While collecting nectar, the insect does not react to the presence of a person. They will not pay any attention if people accidentally hook on a flower on which a bumblebee is sitting. An insect attack is possible only for the purpose of self-defense or protection of the nest. Therefore, in order not to provoke bumblebee attacks, you need to follow these simple guidelines:

  • intentionally do not touch the insect;
  • without proper ammunition, do not enter the apiary or other places where there is a lot of nectar or honey;
  • refuse to eat and cook food on the street;
  • in the season when bumblebees are especially active, install mosquito nets on doors and windows;
  • do not wave your arms and do not make sudden movements if a bumblebee flies nearby;
  • be careful during summer walks in parks, gardens and summer cottages;
  • do not wear bright clothes when traveling to nature;
  • when working in the garden or in the garden, wear closed clothes;
  • when relaxing in the fresh air, it is impossible for a person to smell strongly of alcohol or sweat;
  • do not splash with perfumes with harsh aromas, do not use lotion or other cosmetic products with a pronounced smell when traveling out of town.

Also bumblebees annoying smell of oxidizing metal, the occurrence of which occurs when the skin is in contact, for example, with a ring, bracelet, metal watch strap and other jewelry.

What is contraindicated to do with a bumblebee bite?

Mitte mingil juhul do not slap or crush the insectthat bit a person, since the substances secreted by the bumblebee will induce the active actions of relatives. The bite site should not be scratched or rubbed, as any of these actions will contribute to the rapid spread of poison. Plus, dirty hands can serve as a source of infection through an open wound from a bumblebee bite.

Once again, I would like to note that in the case of a bumblebee bite, the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly contraindicated. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation, thereby promoting the spread of poison in the body. Do not use improvised means to cool the bite, such as water from a river or a leaf plucked from a tree, as this can lead to blood poisoning. In no case should you take a sleeping pill or sedative, which will enhance the effect of poisonous components that have penetrated through the sting under the skin.

Bumblebee bite what to do

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