Kuritegelikud kassid

Kuritegelikud kassid

The most common pet is the cat. They are happy to start both in private houses and in city apartments. This is a rather unpretentious animal that does not require special care and conditions. Taking a cat, you need to take care not only about his health and appearance. Pay attention to raising a pet. It is no secret that many felines, in particular cats, have a criminal talent. They are prone to stealing. The passion to pull everything that can be carried away is the motto of many domestic cats. What is the tendency to steal in cats. First of all, this is the desire to steal food from the table. It doesn’t matter if the cat has been fed before or not. Seeing something edible on the table, the cat will try to drag it away. Some representatives of this family do not know the limits of their impudence and professionally steal not only from the table. But they also manage to steal from the refrigerator or pan. There are animals that steal more than just food. The habit of stealing is part of their character. They pull almost everything: underwear, socks, jewelry, toys. At the same time, the cats manage to create a cache somewhere in the house, where they take down all the stolen goods. What is the reason for the cat’s ability to steal.

The first reason is the feeling of hunger. If the animal is hungry, it is not fed on time, then instinctively it begins to look for food. It is for this reason that cats and cats begin to steal food from the table, and then from the pan and refrigerator. The first manifestation of this criminal talent may be the rustling and roaring in the kitchen at a time when all family members are in another room. It is impossible to scold, and even more so to beat a cat for the manifestation of these qualities. First you need to find out the reason that prompted the animal to steal. If the animal has a feeling of hunger, then first you need to review its diet. Maybe increase the number of feedings. If the owners and breeders of furries are sure that they are eating enough, this is not yet an indicator. It often happens that cats do not eat enough of the food that they buy and feel underfed and offended. To compensate for this, they begin to steal.

The second reason for theft can be considered natural curiosity. Cats are exactly those animals that have a well-developed sense of curiosity. If the cat is well brought up, he will still not be able to resist and look at what is on the table or covered with a lid. Curious cats often steal small things. They are attracted by the rustling of packages, the brilliance of jewelry. In order to wean a curious cat from the master’s food, show them that human food is tasteless. If your cat asks for a bite during dinner, give him a vegetable with a sharp, spicy taste, such as a clove of garlic or a piece of onion. This animal will scare away and for a long time discourage the desire to eat human food. To prevent cats from stealing personal items, try not to scatter them around the apartment. Put them in the designated places. In addition, to avoid the temptation to steal, remove leftover food from the table.

If the cat is convicted of stealing wardrobe items, try to stop immediately. At first, this causes a tender smile and interest among the owners. But if the owners can calmly react to the theft of linen and socks in the house and calmly sort out the hiding places, then when the cat starts stealing things from neighboring balconies and houses, this already causes concern. This addiction can become a big problem.

For the information of the owners, there are currently several cats in the world who suffer from real kleptomania, which make life difficult for their owners. A cat named Oscar. He lives in England. The cat specializes in stealing underwear, socks, gloves. Stealing these things, he brings them to his owners, in gratitude for being accepted into the family from the nursery. Another crime boss named Speedy lives in Switzerland. This is a real repeat offender. He steals everything that lies badly. Everything that he finds on the street, Speedy brings into the house. Desperate cat owners are forced to periodically put up flyers and warn neighbors about their pet’s criminal tendencies.

Animal psychologists believe that stealing is the desire of an animal to attract the attention of its owners, the desire to satisfy the animal instinct of the hunter, sometimes it is just a manifestation of the fight against boredom. If a cat thief appeared in the family, then try to distract him. Learn to give him more time and just love your pet.

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