Pikakarvaline taks – tõu kirjeldus, hooldus, iseloom, toitumine

Pikakarvaline taks – tõu kirjeldus, hooldus, iseloom, toitumine

The long-haired dachshund is not yet as common as its smooth-haired version. At the same time, a lot can be said about these dogs. I invite you to dive into this story.

Long-haired dachshund: history breeds

Let’s start as they say, from the very beginning. А namely, from the sixteenth century. Exactly in this time period the first since there is a reference to a long funny doggy. And the dog is not just cute looked, but also perfectly suited for such a popular activity as hunting. What is shown on the engraving of the specified period.

It is undersized hounds that are the ancestor of modern dachshunds. At the time, they were considered a marriage. However, experienced hunters in southern Germany quickly realized that a long-haired dachshund would do a better job of catching a rabbit or a badger than a dog of ordinary size. Here is such an interesting paradox: a wonderful popular breed turned out from defective individuals.

But She gained particular popularity. much later – only in the second half the last century. Practical Germans appreciate the benefits dachshunds: their content is budgetary, and the result hunting awesome! For up to this time hunting was predominantly driven and was considered a prerogative enough wealthy people. Wealthy people more modest often could not afford similar pastime. And here such a wonderful opportunity!

IMPORTANT: If there is a desire to get acquainted with the first works on dachshunds, I can advise “Book on hunting with dogs and birds of prey”, “New interesting and versatile hunting art”, “Ideal hunter” by Flemming.

One of the first longhair breeders long dogs became Count Zeppelin. He tried to develop in them a hunting even more talent. He also brought a lot a man named von Bunau. On his the dog Schnipp was further equaled like a standard. As a result, by the end of the XIX centuries, the number of dachshunds is significant increased.

About at the same time – the end of the year before last centuries – the first began to form nurseries for these dogs. However, should be noted that at that time bred animals in them, not yet having clear standard. But he did not keep himself waiting long, and now already in 1870 such standard ilmus.

After a decade a whole pedigree book of dachshunds! And after 8 more years the German fan club was founded breeds. I must say that he has grown fast enough.

That concerns our country, she met dachshunds with long hair immediately after finishing war. The most popular doggy on that moment was considered a dachshund named Mars.

С so long haired our pet is starting to use more and more in demand. But I should note that this interest in dachshund mostly as a decorative pet. Although wishing to hunt with her also meets a lot.

Description of appearance according to standard

Offered dwell in more detail on the appearance:

  • Size different because there are several breed varieties. Adult standard the dog reaches 20-25 at the withers – these are girls and boys, respectively. Weigh they can from 9 kg. Girth in the sternum is over 35 cm. Miniature the dog weighs 3-5,5 kg, and the volume of the sternum has 30-35 cm. Bitch grows up to 14 cm, male – up to 21 cm. Dwarf or, as it is also called, “rabbit” the dog weighs only 2-3 kg, grows up to 15 see. The girth of his sternum is less than 30 cm. I want note that the match is to the millimeter optional, but the indicator must be as close as possible.
  • Head shaped like a triangle. And precisely thanks to the muzzle, which strongly elongated. At the same time, despite narrowing of the muzzle, it does not sharpen much. I would call such narrowing “uniform”. “Stop” from the forehead to the nose is also uniform. The skull is flat.
  • А here are the arches above the eyebrows and the cheekbones are no longer so fluid. They stand out great.
  • Eyes oval. By no means slanted! they should be on the same line. Color iris predominantly brown. Although amber and blue eyes also meet.
  • Spout most often brown. Although it also happens such that a cream dog has a cream nose – this is quite normal.
  • Ears planted high. They are long, hanging, soft. Very mobile.
  • Neck should be well developed, as in any hunting dog. Holka noticeable, in my opinion, well.
  • However, the the body is also muscular. Even the most small representatives of the breed has an excellent developed muscles! At the same time, the tummies taut, well developed chest cell – in a word, athletes! The loin is elongated, the croup is normal too wide With all this, taxes completely light dogs – they surprisingly proportionate.
  • each paw just as muscular as the rest body. The paws are parallel to each other. Fingers pointing forward set apart, have sharp claws. Front legs can be longer rear – and this is also the norm! If you remember that the dachshund masterfully digs holes, this feature becomes clear.
  • Tail located along the back, enough smoothly descending and slightly curving. I can’t call it short.
  • Wool falling, thick. Undercoat excellent shot down.
Long-haired dachshund - breed description, care, character, nutrition

Taksi värvid

If talk about the usual colors, I can highlight the following:

  • Red – this color considered a classic. I must point out that he is versatile. It could be beige or, as it is also called, “fawn” option. Or maybe a deep red. However, the last color is very difficult. Individual black hairs are marriage. They are perfectly acceptable but it is desirable that they be as possible downward. Most still considered in demand monochromatic individuals.
  • Two-tone individuals – most often in this case meets black dog with arson. I set it on fire can appear in a different shade – brown, cream, for example. Locations of burn marks usually the following are the chest, front and hind legs, area under the tail, muzzle on the sides and below, the area above eyes. Preferably, however, so that there are not too many tans.
  • Coffee – it is also called “brown and tan.” The main tone, as you might guess, dark brown, and tan marks – light brown. Despite the variations brown, need to be observed contrast. Must note that even whites are allowed marks, but rare and small.
  • Marble – this option is rare, however, it is perceived by dog ​​breeders positive and does not contradict the standard. marble puppy, as I noticed, very quickly finds hosts. What is such marble? This is a dark background – black, gray or red. Against that background in a chaotic order are beige or small gray spots. lobe the nose and claws are always black. Interesting fact: such dogs can have a blue iris or even heterochromia.
  • Brindle – a rare option, but also acceptable. On a red or fawn background in such dogs dark streaks appear. claws and nose can be either black or brown.

А now I will list non-standard for dachshund colors:

  • Double marble – elegant, unusual, but, to Unfortunately, outside of the standard. Such doggy white main color. The dark tint appears in large spots that can seem to would overlap each other. Also at such dachshunds are likely to be burned. Heterochromia or blue eyes for them are also characteristic. As, unfortunately, hearing and vision problems.
  • white-spotted color – unlike the previous case, outlines of spots are clear. They are dark. There are also burn marks. claws with a nose are black.
  • sable – often confused with a red color. However, in the first case, the hair has zonal coloration: at the base it is light, and at the tips – red. Chest, ears and muzzle adorned with completely black hair. Determine that the puppy is sable, you can only after before he turns six months old.
  • Chocolate, having a tan is a chocolate base and creamy, sandy tan marks. The latter are located on the muzzle, chest, paws, under the tail. Nose and claws also chocolate. Rainbow happens and brown and blue. About this color, by the way, there are disputes – some breeders insist that his should not be separated from coffee.
  • Isabella – This is a brownish-beige color. It is noteworthy that such dogs have a nose with claws brown, but may have gray tint. The eyes are usually grey.
  • Cream – it has tan marks of a lighter shade on the eyebrows, chest and paws. Sometimes black hairs may be present. lobe noses with claws are either brown or black ones.
  • Purely black color – as you can understand, such dachshunds are black literally everything. However, as shows practice, often dogs they still have streaks. They just so dark that they merge with basis.
  • Purely white color – occurs, but very rarely. The claws and nose of such individuals black ones.
  • Grey-tan is a gray-bluish background with cream, beige streaks. Nose, claws and gray eyes.
  • Purely gray color – these beauties have gray just everything! And fur, and eyes, and nose with claws.
Long-haired dachshund - breed description, care, character, nutrition

The nature of the representatives breeds

What character traits have a long-haired fee?

  • Ability get along with those around you. Live with such a pet – a real pleasure! Dachshund is unusually affectionate with representatives of his family. And with adults and with children. By the way, about the last: according to my observations, dachshunds get even in families very often with young children. And no complaints so far! Also these cute animals are loved by older people – dachshunds are great companions for them. By the way, with animals from their The Dachshund family also gets along great.
  • Cheerfulness. Playing with dachshunds is pure pleasure. They will enthusiastically support any fun, and will never let beloved hosts miss! Как I managed to notice that the dachshund is enough subtly feel the emotional state family members. And as soon as a man wants to have some fun, companion will always be there. However, when the owner is in a bad mood will also be there and try to cheer it.
  • Ingenuity. It is believed that dachshunds are one of the most smart dog breeds. Certainly this a huge plus, since the existence side by side in this case turns in a pleasant neighborhood. However, due to of his sharp mind, sometimes a doggy can start to act up, pretending, how much she really needs to perform one action or another.
  • Curiosity – and from childhood to old age. Animal the hunting instinct is very developed in them. And this means that the dogs are always looking for something interesting. A bunch of leaves? Puddle? Fossa? curious the animal will certainly put its nose in there and explore the area.
  • Bravery – this baby is always ready to rush for the benefit of his family members. Even if the alleged enemy is much larger. Perhaps be less dachshund bold, fight game in tight holes rabbits the dog couldn’t. doggie territory too will guard with readiness.

Dachshund education: basic regulations

That must be done in order for the pet always pleased with their behavior?

  • Longhair dachshund extremely curious, as I said above. That’s why before the puppy enters the house without fail gotta get some toys. To new family member did not rush to poke nose wherever possible, it is worth it distract. And that’s what they’re good for your own corner and toys. By the way, such a step will help the baby feel more confident, less bored past house. When the puppy whines some hosts take him in bed. Я I consider this act to be reckless how to wean the dachshund from visiting the master’s bed will be very complicated.
  • That the baby is not accustomed to chewing on furniture and other household items, must be donated him toy bones and balls from rubber. When the teeth start to cut such toys will become indispensable. AT otherwise, the habit of chewing on everything in a row can be fixed in an adult age. And scold the dog for sure useless!
  • Etiquette at the table, not only people should know. Begging for tidbits love all pets, and dachshunds are no exception. To do this did not happen, it is necessary to accustom animal take food only after obtaining permission from the owner. Dog must learn to grab the dainties pieces from the table are not allowed. And the owner needs learn what to indulge a pet by giving him goodies from his plate, too not worth it.
  • response on other people’s animals – a sore spot for everyone dachshunds If with other pets from your families they are accustomed to getting along, then strangers awaken hunting instincts. Not it is worth thinking that if your Murka the dachshund reacts favorably, then she will perceive the neighbor Barsik like this same. Nothing of the kind: Barsik will become for her subject of hunting. I don’t think. What is it someone will like it, especially Barsik. Therefore, it is important from the youngest canine years to strictly pull the dog during such intrusions on personal space animals and people.
Long-haired dachshund - breed description, care, character, nutrition

Dachshund training: tips

So, How can you raise a great companion?

  • First of all, it is important to learn that training should begin as early as possible. How many months old should the pet be? It seems to me that no more than 3-4. Of course, the mind of dachshunds allows them to master commands in adulthood, however, kids are guaranteed to perceive commands as a way of life.
  • Dachshunds, due to their hunting nature, react sharply to irritants. They are interested in everything, they can perceive any interesting subject as game. Well, you must admit: it is difficult in this case to capture the attention of a pet. Therefore, I recommend in the early stages of training to minimize the presence of irritants. For example, let the training take place somewhere in the backyard or in a separate room away from the noise of household appliances, from other animals and people. Later, the dog will get used to the training, and the world around him will no longer distract him so much.
  • All commands must be pronounced clearly and loudly. Indistinct muttering is unlikely to be perceived even by the interlocutor, and what can we say about dogs!
  • Giving a treat is important strictly after the successful execution of the command. The advance payment will not bring any benefit – any relationship between obedience and treats will be lost.
  • If the dog is tired, it is better to stop classes. Even if it turned out to work out a little. After all, pets are also subject to poor health or mood. There will still be no sense from training under such conditions.
  • As with children, with dogs it is better to include an element of play in the training. The game will interest the dachshund. And this means that her desire to carry out commands will increase.
  • I recommend repeating the commands each time in a different order. The dog should not think that it is necessary to sit down only after the command “Come to me” has been executed. He must perceive each command as something separate.

Hunting with a dachshund: what you need know

About I would like to propose to talk separately. Cynologists assure that today day only 1/3 dachshunds are used in this activities. The rest perform in the role of ordinary pets.

But if the reader is not a stranger to hunting, should warn you to choose a variety dachshunds are better for your preferences:

  • dwarf doggy is best for sandy activities and driving game out of narrow burrows.
  • Rabbit – as the name implies, it is perfect for hunting rabbits. For getting these dogs breeders crossed dwarf dachshunds with pinschers, toy terriers.
  • Standard – suitable for any kind of hunting. She is can exterminate a rabbit, an otter, a ferret, ermine, marten. It can also bring bird or point to bigger game.

Following, what to pay attention to when hunting planning – the nature of the animal. Dog breeders have been hot for a long time arguing about what kind of character the dachshund of her master-hunter is waiting for success. Some dachshunds obediently bark game in a hole, driving it to the owner. Other tightly clench their jaws on game.

Practice shows that the first one is preferable option. In the second is far from always a dog able pull the prey out. Again return to the defeated enemy she’s just not interested. Finally, the hunt ends in complete disappointment. – it would seem that prey appeared and even was defeated, but she remained inaccessible.

IMPORTANT: It must also be taken into account that the fight could end badly for the tax itself. According to statistics, these dogs live less.

Necessary take into account the hunting season. Despite, that a dachshund is a sports dog – she is everything not a massive hardy dog. Therefore, long transitions are given to her not easy. Especially in winter time.Therefore better or organize a trip to another time, or let it be short-lived.

Recommended start preparing the dog for hunting craft from about 8 months of age, Not earlier. Before This age she is physically weaker developed, and its character is not yet formed. Before this period, keep a close eye on your surroundings puppy. For example, if while walking another dog will offend him, fear of a large beast can become so strong, that it will be projected onto the hunting ground activity.

Certainly need to arrange for a pet artificial hole. The fact is that closed space and darkness Many puppies are afraid. therefore I advise you not to be upset if at first, the puppy even for the sake of treats refuses to go there. What will help? Home “burrow” from a piece pipes, rolled carpet, blankets. Let pet gradually gets used to closed space, and to darkness in him.

Long-haired dachshund - breed description, care, character, nutrition

About feeding: what is important to know

Before of all, I want to note that the dachshund is one of those breeds that are most prone to to obesity. This means that food should be issued regardless of wishes of the pet, and depending on its masses. He can absorb a lot, but it certainly won’t do any good. It is believed, that the optimal dosage of food is 40 g per 1 kg of animal weight.

RџSЂRё This food should be warm. And not seasoned with something – salt and spices excluded. Here are the vitamins in the form of supplements to include in the diet. Especially if the food is natural. About, what supplements are needed consult with a veterinarian.

А here’s what dachshunds can’t categorically, I can tell without a doubt:

  • Pork – this is too fatty a meat for and already prone to obesity dogs. In addition, pork is often found parasites.
  • Bones boiled and tubular – I assure you, the thought of that the dog is useful for any bones, fundamentally wrong. They can damage intestine.
  • Sausage, smoked meats, canned food – I think it’s understandable, why. Nothing in these products useful for the dog is not, although it can disagree with you.
  • semolina and barley porridge – the first will not bring exactly no benefit, and the second is not digest properly.
  • Chocolate and various confectionery teeth and gastrointestinal tract they won’t say “thank you” for such a treat.
  • Products with high fat content – we are talking about fried foods, butter, margarine, sour cream.

А what can dachshunds eat? If speech is about ready-made feed, then you need to buy only the one that belongs to premium and super premium class.

А when it comes to natural food It is important to include the following foods in your diet:

  • Meat – beef, rabbit, veal, lamb, bird. Alternate these varieties any way you can. Main condition – the daily presence of someone of them on the menu.
  • Fish – preferably sea in boiled form. Just include it in the menu. once or twice a week.
  • groats – Hercules are considered ideal, buckwheat, millet, rice. Recommended flavor the dish with vegetable oil and fresh herbs.
  • Fermented milk products – necessarily low-fat and without additives. For example, if you want to treat dachshund with yogurt, let it be yogurt Greek type.
  • Eggs – they can be boiled or served raw form. However, in the latter case, only the yolk – the protein is not digested.
  • Fruits, vegetables – dachshunds especially like carrots, potatoes. But you can offer them everything except for grapes.

adult the individual needs to be fed twice a day. Under by adult i mean dog older than 8 months. Up to 3 months babies feed every three or four hours, in the period of 3-8 months – three times a day.

Dog care: let’s talk about grooming

Look after the tax follows as follows:

  • Long-haired individuals need to be combed regularly. It will allow you to avoid tangles, remove dead hairs, and also notice irritations on the skin in time. For such combing, you will need a slicker, a flat comb with frequent teeth and hairpins. So that the falling hair does not interfere, I advise you to cover the surface with a diaper. It is better to start combing the dog from the head, dividing the fur coat into sections with the help of hairpins for convenience. The direction of movement is strictly according to the growth of wool. The tail requires special attention, since the hair on it is longer and thinner. Which means it gets tangled up faster.
  • Ear treatment is another extremely important point. The fact is that long-haired dachshunds are especially prone to ear infections. The hairs strongly obscure the auricle, and this can lead to infections. A caring owner must cut off extra hairs that strive to close the dog’s auricle. Of course, you should clean your ears. A cotton pad, previously dipped in a special solution, will come in handy for this purpose. It is recommended that you first wipe the inner surface of the ear with a disk, and then drip a little solution and make massaging movements.
  • The abdomen is another problem area for long-haired dachshunds. It is there that a lot of pollution accumulates, an impenetrable number of tangles is formed. Unless you take care of your pet, of course. I advise you to always trim this area, otherwise you will have to deal with unraveling problems for a long time. And in the truest sense of the word.
  • I also advise trimming the area between the fingers. Snow, dirt and various debris accumulate quite easily there.
  • Checking the condition of the gums and teeth daily is another habit that you need to develop in yourself. Redness, plaque, irritation, chips – all this is a signal that treatment is needed. A soft brush and a special paste will help maintain health. Although at first I advise you to use not a brush, but a piece of gauze. The brush is the next stage when the animal gets used to it.
  • Rubbing the eyes – for it you will need a napkin or a soft cotton cloth. The procedure should be carried out as carefully as possible so as not to harm the sensitive eye of the dachshund.
  • It is also advisable to trim the nails. Not always they can be ground off naturally. A miniature nail clipper is ideal because dachshunds have small claws. And if cutting the claws is still scary, I can offer an alternative – frequent physical activity on a hard surface.
  • Dachshunds need to be bathed, but infrequently – once a month is more than enough. An exception is the situation when the pet got into something disgustingly smelling or into a huge amount of dirt. Water for such procedures need warm. I advise you to lay a towel or a special non-slip mat on the bottom of the sink or bathtub. Shampoos and conditioners are only suitable for dogs. Human – absolutely not what you need!
  • It is quite possible to dry your pet with a hair dryer. If you set the lowest temperature and power. During this procedure, you can carefully handle the hair with a comb. An alternative to a hair dryer is a towel, which you need to gently blot the dog’s coat. Rubbing is not suitable – it will confuse the hairs.

Growing up dachshunds: what you need know

Growing up pets – quite delicate moment, but information about it is necessary know in advance. So when it comes growing up? Estrus in bitches, as a rule, appears at 7-8 months. Although these frames may be somewhat moved apart – from 6 to 13. That is, like people, because not everyone has puberty occurs at the same time.

Duration estrus is approximately 20-23 days. This phenomenon can be repeated every six months. But these are approximate data, because often the interval more. However, too large an interval doesn’t happen either. Rarely, according to my observations, there are dachshunds with a break in such cases of 12 months.

Как to understand that heat will soon begin? Dachshund becomes more restless lose appetite and genitals become somewhat larger. Allocations first have a bright red tint, after a while – pale pink, and then become completely transparent.

IMPORTANT: The most suitable for knitting is accepted count 11-13 days from the start of estrus.

А Dachshund boys mature later. Approximately 12-18 months. Like boys I wouldn’t recommend girls either. after the beginning of growing up to introduce close to the opposite sex. Physical manifestations of growing up are not yet guarantee that the animal will cope with intimacy or pregnancy. Experienced breeders are waiting for a while – and only then arrange dog Goodbye.

If such dates for one reason or another not a priority, you need to be vigilant for pets. The walk must turn in vigilant control over pet did not get to know better the opposite sex. Some owners prefer to handle their dogs with special means, that scare off the cavaliers.

It is worth knit male or not to save exterior? Opinions are divided: one believe that after mating the male loses its form, others – which, on the contrary, only after it does it take shape fully. On the in fact, binding does not affect exterior.

How often to knit a bitch? A lot of reviews say that it is better to do this about every estrus cycle. Not more often! At the same time, you should not arrange mating for a lady over 8 years old and one who has undergone a caesarean section twice.

Long-haired dachshund - breed description, care, character, nutrition

Replenishment in doggystyle family: about pregnancy and childbirth

How many offspring can bring dachshund? This the breed is considered prolific. known cases of simultaneous occurrence on one mother has 10-12 puppies! But of course, this does not happen often. Average indicator – from 4 to 6 kids.

RџSЂRё this from the first litter, as they say breeders, you should definitely not expect special multiplicity. the most prolific age is the one that fits into the 4-6 year range. Then, as As a rule, fewer puppies are born to the female.

Lasts pregnancy is most often 9 weeks. There is an interesting pattern: the more babies are expected, the shorter gestation will last. If one or two puppies expected, gestation can even reach, according to my observations, 68-70 days! This is the absolute norm, so worry I do not advise.

В pregnancy doggy needs on frequent walks. You shouldn’t think that if the animal is in an interesting situation, she needs rest. Vice versa! Especially considering that dachshunds tend to to obesity. Which, as is known, pregnancy is highly undesirable.

IMPORTANT: As soon as the dachshund begins to gain weight excessively, the amount of her food is necessary cut. But not at the expense of protein!

В the last weeks of pregnancy doggy often loses appetite. It happens because the stomach is no longer able stretch like before. In such case, it is worth splitting the food. Food should be high-calorie, and starting from 2 months of pregnancy, it is worth enriching its mineral supplement with phosphorus and calcium.

Place for childbirth, breeders are advised to harvest at least a week before the event. Dog should get used to it. The drawer must be spacious enough and with sides. The optimal height of the sides is 25 cm. It let the bitch leave the box and at the same time will prevent the babies from getting out.

Box should be covered with newspapers will need to be changed. And also need woolen or wadded blanket. Necessarily pure! More I advise you to prepare a bottle of hot water or a heating pad to the box the optimum temperature was maintained.

In during childbirth, dogs most often lie down on the side. However, taxes may take semi-standing position. From the first attempts before the birth itself, it usually takes about 6 hours. As a rule, dachshunds are fine cope with childbirth – severe cases occur infrequently.

Longhair health dachshunds: characteristic diseases

Dachshund – a dog that differs surprisingly strong health. On average, she can live 12-16 years. Especially if you don’t participate. in the hunts.

But Of course every breed is susceptible diseases, and dachshund is no exception:

  • Distemper of carnivores – especially often young individuals fall into the risk zone. Adults get sick much less frequently. You can recognize the disease by fever, loss of appetite, coughing, the appearance of purulent discharge, convulsions.
  • Infectious hepatitis – under the gun are also mostly young individuals. Symptoms are as follows: lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, thirst, vomiting, gastrointestinal upset. The liver is mostly affected. If diagnosed in time and treated immediately, the outcome can be favorable.
  • Parvovirus enteritis – affects all dogs, but puppies aged 2 weeks to 12 months are especially often picked up. Dogs refuse food, suffer from vomiting with mucus, and often bloody diarrhea. Especially often vomiting accompanies an attempt to drink water. In this case, the heart muscle is affected.
  • Rabies – and in this case, the nervous system is affected. First, the animal loses its appetite, is not interested in anything, its pupils are dilated. Then, on the contrary, it becomes overly excited and even aggressive, gnaws on all objects that come across the tooth, attacks others. Then comes paralysis of the jaw, larynx, the animal cannot drink, strabismus appears. The last stage is paralysis of the whole organism and death. Unfortunately, there is no cure for rabies yet, so only prevention in the form of vaccination can save.
  • Eclampsia – toxicosis in a severe stage. According to statistics, it occurs in 15% of dogs before or during childbirth and in 85% immediately after. The dog is extremely restless, breathes too quickly, has a glassy look, she has increased salivation. Then there are seizures. You definitely shouldn’t let puppies near such a dog, but you need to call a doctor. It will help if you get it right. And in anticipation of the arrival of the veterinarian, in the meantime, you can give the victim Relanium, 10 drops of valocordin or Corvalol, tanazepam.
  • Respiratory ailments – they are especially common in dachshunds living in urban areas. Most often, tracheitis is diagnosed, which is characterized by an increased cough. Tracheitis in dachshunds is cured in the same way as in humans.
  • Helminths – Dachshunds have round and tapeworms. Only laboratory tests of feces can accurately identify them. Although traces of these creatures are sometimes noticeable in the feces, around the anus, on the wool.
  • Ectoparasites are fleas, lice, withers, ticks. The animal begins to itch intensely, loses sleep and appetite. Special powders, shampoos can help. An excellent prevention is a flea collar.

Nicknames for dachshunds: the best options

Choice name for a pet – sometimes such a task as complicated as choosing a name for a baby. So here’s what I can advise in case of dachshunds male:

  • Chip – a great option for a small dogs. The brevity of the nickname is quite corresponds to the size of the pet. To besides, the animal is very comfortable with her call to yourself. This is especially true during the hunt.
  • Archie – the perfect nickname for a gullible dogs that are very attached to to his master. However, the Archibalds are stubborn, which is not for dachshunds something out of the ordinary.
  • Haggai – this name translates as “able to have fun”. Great option for a small dog who is not averse play, run. For many dachshunds, like I said, that’s enough feature.
  • Lakki – I recommend this name for those dachshunds, which the owners plan to use in the hunt. After all it translates as “fortunate”. Besides the nickname goes well with miniature dogs.

For dachshund girls recommend choosing the following options:

  • Zlata – ideal for redheads long haired dachshunds. Beautifully iridescent in the sun, wool and soft character will be a great addition to this name.
  • Jesse – a nickname for a swift dog, which every free minute is in motion. She translates how to see the potential. not bad option for a hunting dog, which this potential certainly won’t hurt!
  • Button – a small dog that is with everyone finds a common language. She also loves people and animals to live with side by side. Button is always excellent mood, she is not angry.
  • Flora – a good name for a small dog, that brings joy to those around you. She is affectionate, playful, has a ringing bark.

Exist catchphrase that if and there are two identical dachshunds in the world, then it’s not true. Perhaps I agree with such a thought – this breed really amazing. And hopefully what got me interested reader in it.

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