Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer – kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer – kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

Staffordshire bull terrier is a breed that does not leave alone those who at least met her once. I propose start this acquaintance!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: breed history

С from the very beginning this dog is surrounded halo of mystery. About how exactly it has arisen, there are already many disputes years. However, most researchers it is believed that in the ancestors of the Staffordshires appear English bulldog of the old type, to which related mastiff, and Manchester terrier.

The approximate period of the beginning of the formation of the breed is considered to be the second half of the XNUMXth century. It was then that Duke Hamilton became interested in fighting dogs. But he was dissatisfied with the fact that they are excessively bulky and clumsy. It is believed that it was through the efforts of the Duke that the new dogs acquired lightness and speed. Anyone can see the painting depicting the duke’s dogs. And, I must say, they are insanely similar to modern Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

And seemingly perfect graceful dog created! But it would be nice to work on the character such a dog A business that it was actively used for baiting of bears, bulls, for dogs fights. Also very fond of these dogs shopkeepers who have been harassed huge rats. Is it worth saying that such a bloody occupation caused some concerns about whether the dog get along with others? Therefore, for the first breeding plan began to come out more soft character.

IMPORTANT: In addition, the fights began to slowly ban. Here are some individuals with a softer character and made excellent companions.

True, some of the dogs ended up overseas in the United States. There at that time, fighting was not yet banned. In this regard, the breed was divided – English and American bull terriers have acquired some distinction.

В England meanwhile creation companion dog went on as usual. To For example, a whole club was formed, which united lovers of these pets. В In 1936 the first club was organized Näitus. Must note that the exhibitions were held and earlier, but this was the first organized as good as possible. This year is memorable also the publication of the first magazine about Staffordshire Bull Terrier – “Our dogs».

Literally after a couple of years, the livestock officially registered staff increased from 60 to 310! By the 1970s, the number of these cute animals have already crossed the figure 200. In 000 Stafford received the status the best house dog. up to until today sale these dogs are doing great.

Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer - kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

Välimuse kirjeldus vastavalt standardile

Offered talk now about what appearance standard considers ideal:

  • Size at the withers in boys is from 36 to 41 cm, and for girls – from 33 to 38 cm. Weigh males are usually 11 to 17 kg, and females – from 10 to 16 kg. Naturally, indicators these are approximate. But highly desirable to keep them as close as possible. to those indicated. So it can be noted what a staffordshire bull terrier – average according to the size of the dog. American bull terriers, by the way, are much higher – sometimes even 10 cm difference colossal growth!
  • Head short, skull – wide. The cheekbones are very well expressed, as well as transition from forehead to nose. The muzzle is more appropriate call it “short”. The nose is black.
  • An ear may be semi-erect or resemble in the shape of a rose petal. Ears should not be big, heavy, completely standing or recumbent. But American dogs they are customary to buy. Or, as I put it,pitbull'.
  • Eyes small and round, do not have slanted incision. The edges of the eyelids are dark. Rainbow the shell is also predominantly dark, however, there may be variations depending on on what color has a pet.
  • Stafford – strong dog in all senses. This characteristic extends to his jaw. Teeth large, jaws must be closed tightly. The upper teeth are covered the lower ones are as tight as possible, to the gums they fit perfectly too.
  • Neck – Short but well muscled. Expands to the shoulders gradually.
  • Torso shot down very well, while ideally the dog is remarkably proportionate. She is muscular and very strong. Back flat, broad chest. outlines staffordshire are very clear. This under no circumstances is an athlete dog blurry – even in the photo this feature is clearly visible.
  • Limbs front – widely spaced, they straight. The wrists are elongated, and the paws slightly outward. Elbows are strong. Shoulders well laid back.
  • Limbs rear – superbly developed, muscular. The lower legs are well sloping and the hocks joints are low. Paws, rather medium size. Dark dogs have black claws.
  • Tail in English bull terriers, unlike from the American ones, it is not docked. He has moderate length, set low. to the tip narrows. Bend expressed, in my opinion, implicitly.
  • Wool short, smooth. There is no undercoat. Wools are tight to each other friend. The following colors are allowed wool: black, white, fawn, blue, red, dash. A combination of any of listed shades with white also considered to be normal. But brown-red colors, like tan with black I would call undesirable.

Esindajate olemus areneb

what is it to be expected from the personality of a Stafford?

  • Kindness. Despite the fighting past, not alone Review says that these dogs are extremely kind to your family members. Furthermore, even to strangers they will treat with sympathy. For example, if the owner will go to visit, the bull terrier will show due level of education. On my observations, these dogs with happy to join the new team, and do their best to become the soul of the company. And they are quite good at it! Concerning animals, then the bull terrier will react well and to them, if properly brought up.
  • Playfulness. Stafford – extremely active dog. Stay in the spotlight for him a great joy. How no matter the time the owner decides to allocate for games, the bull terrier will enthusiastically support this venture.
  • Vigilance. However, despite the friendliness animal Stafford’s instinct hasn’t gone away. If the dog senses danger, he will hurry notify the owner immediately.
  • Vaprus. Once the feeling of danger will grow into something more, the bull terrier will no doubt rush protect your household. And he will do it to the end – fighting the past will immediately make itself felt. children these formidable-looking dogs will protect as if they were their puppies.
  • Stubbornness. This also occurs and, again, it is a tribute to the past of the breed. However, to fortunately, stubbornness is not found too often. And with the right upbringing and quite rarely. However, stubbornness can bring positive results if you turn it into assertiveness. Such a dog will not give up until he does whatever is required of him.
Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer - kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

How to choose a puppy: tips

И so you decided that the puppy staffordshire bull terrier the companion you were missing. Как must be chosen uus family member?

  • It’s important look at the child’s behavior. Ideally he is playful, quite active, curious. Of course, among the Staffordshires there are phlegmatic, and often. Like the people dogs have different personalities. However, the point is that peace bull terriers acquire with age. In the puppy period, they are definitely active. If it’s not, then baby something worried.
  • tantrums, trying to hide is also a bad sign. As show numerous observations, it may mean that the puppy is unstable psyche. So it’s better to look elsewhere puppy.
  • Nursery also important to look at. Dirty and cramped cells are not the place where they can be kept healthy individual. Conditions of detention – visiting card of the nursery.
  • Before buying it is important to understand what exactly expected from a dog. If external characteristics, I recommend to buy boy. Males are stronger, larger and have more pronounced features. And if in affectionate nature priority, worth choose a girl. Bitches extremely attached to their family members, they softer, they are easier to train. Besides it is worth remembering that the desire to be males show the leader.
  • Required you need to ask the breeder for documents, which confirm the absence genetic diseases in dogs. Experienced breeders have such documents are definitely available, and they will be provided to the buyer no problem. If there is a refusal, I advise you to leave without hesitation.
  • Teen puppy or an adult already have established habits, established character traits. Not always good ones, by the way. Since staff – dog that needs early socialization – missing this moment may be fraught. Or worth buying grown up dog with well-known people who really care about their wards.

Education and training: key recommendations

И Here the kid is chosen – you need to educate him. What should this upbringing be like?

  • Socialization – the most important moment with which the bull terrier must meet as soon as possible. That is, you need to walk him in crowded places, ride with him in public transport. At the slightest sign aggression towards people or animals want this aggression instantly stop. Moreover, these walks should carried out with the same success as leash, and without it. Usually, several weeks of socialization enough to doggy felt affection for others.
  • First command that I advise you to master – alias. It serves as something like a cry: “Attention!”. Hearing his name, the pet will immediately understand that the command will now follow, and should be alert. However, I do not recommend pronounce the nickname in an unhappy tone. Just in case the animal is naughty, it is better to prepare a team: “Fu!”. A nickname should be associated with something good. At the beginning of training, of course – with delicacy.
  • Puppy gotta get used to it from day one give the owners what he took in his mouth. After all, there are cases when curious animals grab something harmful. And take something away from an adult dog it will be difficult – he may well show aggression. Pick an item from in no case can it be negative – in In this case, the dog will prefer to run away. with prey.
  • Required you need to remember what the puppies have short term memory. Often masters praise their wards when they absorb a large array at a time information. And many babies really catch everything on the fly! However, pride is replaced by surprise, because soon time students completely forget everything, that demonstrated with such success recently. It’s all about fixing success is needed regularly.
  • of Stafford are an extremely excitable breed. AT in this state they cease to perceive information. To prevent this from happening you have to watch your mood pet. As soon as he is excessive get angry or, conversely, experience a storm of delight, classes should be interrupted. It’s better to postpone them to a more peaceful dog condition. Actually, I would recommend arrange short sessions – even A 10 minute lesson is enough.
  • Twice the command cannot be repeated. В In this case, many animals are accustomed to the fact that the owner’s requirement can be ignore. Especially it concerns stubborn bull terriers.
Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer - kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

How to feed your pet

For I will start by giving general advice on organizing supply:

  • It should take place at the same time.
  • Overfeeding – height!
  • Adult The dog should eat twice a day. Animals from one and a half to 3 months you need to feed 5 or 6 times a day. Gradually closer to year, the frequency decreases.
  • У movable Stafford should always have fresh water available enough.
  • Normal value Each dog can have its own food. If a the dog is very active, she, of course, more energy is needed. AND, accordingly, more food. But several guidelines are available. It is believed that on kilogram of the weight of an adult dog account for about 20-40 g of dry food. Concerning liquid food, then in this case I advise slightly shift the frame to 30-60 g.

Ready food must be of good quality. That’s why I advise you to pay attention to the category quality. Only premium options fit and super premium. They should have indicated that the food is intended for active dogs of medium size. What as for the consistency, then the staff is more solid foods are suitable – they are better most affect the teeth of the animal.

That concerns natural food, then in the diet bull terriers must be included The following products:

  • Meat – this is beef, horse meat, sometimes lamb. Since this dog is extremely mobile and refers to fighting, meat in her diet should be about 2/3. And every day!
  • Fish – no more than a couple of times a week. I recommend pay attention to marine varieties. It is important to remove the bones in advance.
  • Porridge – basically it should be buckwheat, rice. Sugar and salt and spices you definitely can’t beat the porridge. If there is a desire to somehow enrich it, you can add some vegetable butter, crumble greens.
  • sour milk food – cottage cheese, for example, is wonderful breakfast. Maybe even a little sprinkle it with honey.
  • Eggs – it is optimal to give them every 3 days. Either yolk or omelette.
  • Vegetables and fresh fruits – everything fits, except for potatoes.

Grooming: basic tips

В staffordshire bull terrier care there is nothing complicated:

  • Combing. Once a week is enough. During the period molting – that is, in spring and autumn – this procedure will have to be perhaps a little more often. I must point out By the way, what if the pet lives in room with warm and dry air, he can shed more often. Advise use brush to brush natural bristle or special glove.
  • Bathing. Ideally, this should happen every month. However, if the dog is dirty – increase the number of baths quite possible. For swimming you will need warm water and special shampoo with conditioner for short breeds pile. The shampoo is recommended to be diluted water in a ratio of 1:1. Need to wash it off fast. Ears should be plugged with cotton tampons. After bathing your pet must be thoroughly blotted towel. kõndima can to be done no earlier than 2 hours, otherwise the animal will catch a cold! in winter and it’s worth buying a dog after promenade. By the way, the frequency of bathing also worth reducing – once every 2 months quite enough.
  • Inspection eye. If there are small ones in the corners lumps – no big deal. They are easy can be removed with warm water rag. The cloth must not contain pile. For each eye is better to choose a separate corner of the rag.
  • Inspection ears. It should be done weekly. If dust, sulfur is found, it will be required remove them with a cotton pad. Disc also should be soaked in warm water.
  • Inspection teeth and their cleaning. All this is done three to four times a week. Useful toothbrush or finger brush and special toothpaste.
  • cutting claws. The frequency depends on the season. Lettom I advise you to do it once a month, and in winter – once every half a month. Sometimes bull terriers are too hard claws. In that case, they can hold a little in advance warm water.
  • Support paw cleanliness. After walking they, of course, far from sterile. In this case wipe them off with a damp towel or take a shower. And in order to pads did not form cracks, must be added to food every day dogs 1 tsp vegetable oil. Before walks can be rubbed into the pads cream or special wax – for winter walking is the best solution!
Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer - kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

Growing up Staffordshire: important nuances

growing up staffordshire bull terrier at 8-10 months. Of course, these are approximate. terms. As with humans, dogs enter adulthood at different times. And some may have several shifted from the average framework to one side or the other. But shifted, I must say, slightly. It even happens that some spermatozoa are excreted along with urine even before full maturation.

But don’t take your pet on a date right away after this maturation. And the girls and in boys the body is not yet formed fully in order to get closer meet the opposite sex. Worth organizing a dog date when the animal is one year old. And even later. In our country, for example, breeders recommend waiting 15 months.

IMPORTANT: Do not get involved in knitting. Optimal so that this event does not occur more often times a year.

Optimal time for conception is considered to be 10-15 days of heat. During the same period, the female maximally disposed to communicate with male. She is more obedient, playful, urinates more often – according to these signs, you can notice readiness. Attentive the host may also notice a discharge.

If no desire to breed dogs, you have to take care of your pet. To her discharge did not spoil the interior, it is necessary put on special pants for the dog. Also be sure to use a leash during walks. Otherwise, the pet can be quite smart run away to some gentleman. By the way about gentlemen and their attention: a special spray that repels grooms, dog also doesn’t hurt.

Lasts estrus is usually 3 or 4 weeks. Optimal its frequency is twice a year. If a this event happens more often than not worth a visit to the vet.

Pregnancy and childbirth: what worth knowing

Representatives This breed is very easy to give birth. But, Of course, this does not mean that it is not necessary get information on this about. В normal staffordshire pregnancy bull terrier lasts 60-62 days. It, Of course, these are averages. Healthy offspring sometimes appear and on day 58, and on day 72. It all depends on individual characteristics of a particular dogs. And sometimes the owners are simply incorrectly calculate the time.

Как to understand that pregnancy has come? The dog may refuse food, be passive. If pet loved long walks, and now in a hurry to return home, perhaps it is worth suggesting an interesting position. Also she may want time retire from time to time. В in such cases, I highly recommend going to a meeting and quickly return home, give your pet the opportunity to be with alone alone. But I must say, not always females behave – sometimes they continue run like crazy.

If the owner began to guess about the interesting doggy position, he should reconsider training program. For example, clearly you need to exclude training “barrier” at all. As well as intense workloads.

IMPORTANT: The dog needs to be loaded, but moderately. Obesity and injury – what it’s worth avoid at all costs.

Shortly before childbirth – about 10 days – you need review the feeding schedule. A lot of the dog can no longer eat cleanly physically. However, food must be most nutritious. Recommended focus on cereals, cottage cheese, kefir, fruits

Also for 10 days it is necessary to carry out preventive processing to combat helminths. But potent drugs, vaccinations are excluded unambiguously.

Prepare birthplace is another important event to be scheduled. This is ideally a wide box with sides. Through the sides should not climbing puppies, however, overcoming them for a young mother should not pass with difficulties. Raise the box about 10 cm above the floor – this will help avoid drafts. Worth it in a box put an oilcloth, a warm blanket, a heating pad.

About dog health: ailments characteristic of Staffordshire bull terriers

Staffordshire bull terriers are healthy enough animals. However, they also happen health problems. More In total we are talking about the following diseases:

  • Epilepsy congenital – manifests itself approximately in period of 3-5 years. As the name implies, caused by trauma at the time of birth. Unfortunately not is cured completely. However, quite successfully corrected with medical means.
  • Cataract – most often considered to be striking adults. But should be noted that it is not uncommon and juvenile cataract. Diagnose and can only prescribe treatment veterinarian.
  • Urolithiasis illness is often the result of improperly chosen diet. It also plays a role, whether often suffers dog waiting to be walked. During this trouble, the dog difficulty going to the toilet, or vice versa, does it too often. Happens frequently and licking of the genitals. Exactly can diagnose the problem specialist, how to prescribe treatment.
  • Dysplasia hip joint is a congenital pathology that occurs predominantly in large dogs. As a result the animal becomes to move very uncomfortable. About 70% of dysplasia cases can be identified genetically. Therefore, as I have already said, it is important to buying a puppy ask the breeder a document on the propensity of his animals to hereditary diseases. Also injury may be caused by walking time and unbalanced food. correct dysplasia possible, but of course early dates.
  • Hepatopathy – that is, liver failure. Unfortunately, it has not yet been identified reasons leading to this problem. More precisely, there are so many of them that it is difficult completely protect the pet from this. Even hypovitaminosis or stress can lead to hepatopathy. Fortunately she amenable to treatment.
Tõug Staffordshire'i bullterjer - kirjeldus, värvid, toitumine

Nicknames: which one to choose

If the reader plans to buy Staffordshire boy, I propose to name by any of the following names:

  • Buran – it will be worn by the brave and strong dog. For him, any obstacle is not problem! Performing, great copes with the duties of a caretaker. At the same time, he gets along well with family members. Has good health.
  • Richard – a great nickname for respectable gentlemen. These staffords look impressive enough, sometimes even menacingly. Definitely such a name will give they have more solidity. Richard steadfast, brave, but not reckless. These are very intelligent dogs.
  • Hart – the name translates as “hard”.Beautiful option if the owner plans to mentally and physically temper your pet. Fine trainable – perseverance Hart definitely not borrow! Has no fears. To Moreover, such a nickname is very convenient in pronunciation – short, sonorous.
  • Sheriff – solidity itself. serious person, extraordinarily devoted. Fabulous a hard worker who will execute commands, and take care of the home. Inspires respect everyone around without exception.
  • Rad – a sonorous short nickname, to which the pet will respond with pleasure. Hardy, unusually strong individuals. True, they have a rather articulate voice, which sometimes frighten strangers. But by nature they are good-natured. Nickname is a derivative of “rejoice”. And this is really the emotion that the pet will give the owner stably.

If I need a nickname for a girl the following options:

  • Adeline – the name translates as “noble.” This girl is really impressive looks. At the same time, she is extraordinarily kind, contact. He loves both children and animals. Has a sharp mind.
  • Galatea – the name is translated as “milky white.” It can symbolize as a color dogs, and her spiritual qualities – kindness, sincerity, devotion. Lovely a nickname for a calm individual, because In mythology, a nymph was called Galatea, symbolizing a calm sea. С such a pet you can walk even without a leash. At the same time, she is excellent. watchman.
  • Lada – a calm dog who does not troublesome and great is trained. Very clever. In extreme shows courage under circumstances able to protect loved ones. sonorous nickname, short – just a godsend!
  • Felisa – translates as “happy.” Not bad a prerequisite for a great life, isn’t it whether? The dog, as you might guess, is very active, playful, friendly. Strong, enduring, does not bring owners no problem.
  • Tina – an unusually emotional dog. Feels the mood very well household members. When necessary – rejoice together with them, and when necessary – will express support. Sometimes it seems that more just a little bit and she will speak. But at the same time quiet, definitely will not puzzle neighbors, arranging noisy antics.

For sure while walking, meeting with similar dogs, you cautiously walked around them side. Certainly Stafford at times looks menacing. However, in reality this dog amazing. I hope I succeeded be interested in her.

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