Odava ja tõhusa väetise – küüliku väljaheide – kasutamine

Odava ja tõhusa väetise – küüliku väljaheide – kasutamine

Farmers who breed rabbits know that their value is not only in meat, but also in natural waste – manure. Some of them, calculating the profitability of their farm, also pledge the income from the sale of the litter. This article will suggest various uses for rabbit manure, storage methods, and application rates for crops.

Considering that manure orgaaniline väetis, it is rich in more useful trace elements for plants. Due to the peculiar diet and food consumed, rabbit droppings have excellent properties, a specific composition of trace elements.

Given that the size of this animal is small compared to a cow and a horse, there is also little litter from them. But here there is a main difference from the above types of manure, rabbits must be collected and stored according to certain rules. This is due to the large number of worms, bacteria in it, from which the litter dries out.


Since this manure is rich in a large number of nutrients, it it is recommended to use:

  • For fertilization and enrichment with useful substances of depleted soil, where potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, fruit and berry plants are constantly grown;
  • This fertilizer helps a lot when growing seedlings;
  • Perfectly recommended as a fertilizer for cereals, berries and legumes;
  • You can plant radishes, cabbage, beets, carrots in it.

As bait and fertilizer be used in liquid form for making directly into the open ground; as humus for planting plants for the winter; for top dressing, it can lie down directly in the hole or bed; used as greenhouse compost.

How to collect litter

If a professional breeds rabbits, then his cages are built in such a way that all emptying fell down. Therefore, if the owner plans to use the litter as a fertilizer, then it is enough to install a metal pallet on the floor, in which the litter will accumulate.

Use of fresh litter is prohibited

Do not use fresh rabbit droppings. In order for it to be beneficial for the soil and plants, it must first be properly prepared. It is worth noting that it is fresh rabbit manure that contains a large amount of nitrogen. And knowing that during the decay it releases methane and ammonia, then a detrimental effect on the soil will be ensured.

Several ways to harvest and use litter

  1. Komposti. To do this, you need to take the litter of a rabbit, cow, sheep and horse. If you want to get a loose composition, then food organic waste can be added to this. Be sure to move the compost heap periodically. The readiness of manure is checked with a shovel, when the mass begins to fall apart and is homogeneous, then it can be used in the garden as:
    • Fertilizers for arable land in autumn. In spring, the earth will be saturated with a large amount of useful substances, and there are enough of them for planting plants and their high-quality and proper growth;
    • To be added to holes during planting in the spring;
    • If it is necessary to mulch the land, then straw is added to the resulting manure;
    • This manure perfectly feeds home ornamental plants. It must be infused in a plastic bowl, and wood ash must be added in equal proportions. For 3 days this composition will ferment, and on the fourth day it can be used in a ratio of 1:10 with water.
  2. Ahvatlema. To do this, you need to take 2 kilograms of fresh litter and pour 12 liters of water. The resulting mass should be infused until completely dissolved. This fertilizer is used in the holes, at the rate of 2 liters per square meter. It is enough to use this fertilizer 2 times a year for good plant growth.
  3. Direct spreading does not justify itself. If your land will not be used within a year after spreading the manure, then this method will work. You can take fresh fertilizer along with bedding and scatter it before digging in the garden in the fall. During this period, the manure will pereperet a little, decompose, freeze. With the help of melt water, it will be possible to partially remove the excess trace elements. But this method has proven itself well in beds with garlic, strawberries and trees. You can not scatter this litter in the fall on the beds with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin. They simply will not develop, and the yield will be minimal.
  4. Perfect for this look to get humus. Humus is manure processed into earth. In order to get high-quality humus, you need to acquire dung worms. There must be a huge number of them that sometimes you have to cultivate the land. Every year summer residents increasingly prefer humus, so some countries are already experiencing a problem with the number of these useful worms. Therefore, now some entrepreneurs have switched to growing these worms for manure processing.
  5. This type of manure is the only one that can be used dry. To do this, it is necessary to dry the resulting pellets in the sun and mix with the soil. For 3 kilograms of land, 1 tablespoon of such pellets is needed. They are recommended to be used for fertilizing and transplanting indoor plants. Flowers in such a land bloom very well, grow and practically do not get sick.

How to properly store rabbit litter

The basic rule for storing manure is protecting it from drying out. But if it so happened that the litter is dry, then you do not need to throw it away, it also retains 50% of useful minerals. Liquid bait can be prepared from such litter, which will make it possible to obtain an excellent effect in growing plants.

As the long-term practice of using rabbit manure shows, plants fertilized with this particular species grow well, develop, and you can always count on an excellent harvest.

I want to make a business on a litter of rabbits!

As practice shows, if there are 1000 heads of rabbits, it is possible get 200 kg of valuable fertilizer in year. But, given that the litter will be with the remnants of food, its weight increases several times.

If we translate this into money, then we can say that 10% of the income of the entire farm will be the sale of rabbit litter. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that rabbits are usually not kept alone, in parallel, farmers grow crops or are engaged in gardening. Therefore, there will be provided double benefit and your own fertilizer and savings on purchases.

Having any part-time farm in your yard, remember that you can always find benefits from it, the main thing is to be a good owner.

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