Miks koer ulutab öösel: loomulikud põhjused

Miks koer ulutab öösel: loomulikud põhjused

Surely many at least once thought about why the dog howls at night. This phenomenon seems mystical, but it is quite understandable. However, popular rumor also ascribes some interpretations to this event. I propose to disassemble all the points.

Miks koer ulutab öösel: loomulikud põhjused

Than howling is explained?

  • Answering to the question of why dog howling at night immediately it is worth remembering such a phenomenon, like an instinct. For no one, I think the secret that the dog is a distant descendant wolf. Wolves, as everyone knows, communicate with each other by howling. How else to transmit signals to those who are far to the tribesmen about the prey, how drive out the aliens? Although many, many centuries have passed, instincts still live on somewhere in the depths of every dog’s soul. And at times, any pet wants so chat with fellow tribesmen it was done by ancient ancestors.
  • It is quite it is possible that the pet is unimportant to himself feels – definitely worth it take a look at him. If vomiting, stool problems, fever, unwillingness to eat, then it is worth contacting to the vet. In case of a problem, an animal will complain to the owner that often and manifests itself in the form of a howl.
  • Sadness, boredom is another common cause of howling. If the pet often stays at home alone, he might start to howl. No matter, why it happened so – maybe the owner went on a business trip for a couple of days guests, or maybe working the night shift. Even if the bowl is full of food, doggy feels lonely. However, even if the owner of the house, at night he is most likely sleeps, and the pet just wants attention. What to do in such cases? supply pet toys! And if the howl appears, when the household is asleep, it is certainly worth teach the animal commands: “Quiet!”, “Place!”.
  • Can be scared of the dog. Recommended listen to what’s going on near when the dog howls – maybe then understand the reason for his reaction. For example, an automobile alarm system nearby in the yard, pass an ambulance, thunder salute, neighbors quarrel loudly. In a word, something happened that scared animal.
  • Hunger – some pets may get hungry and at night. What are they going to rush about? howl. Of course, it is better to teach dog to the regime and stop all of it attempts to demand food in this way.
  • sing along – it may well be that the pet heard anywhere a tune that’s his interested. For example, the neighbors are loud watching TV or playing musical instrument. And the animals are music lovers, meanwhile, are not so rare, how can you think!
  • Dog howling warns of impending disaster – one could say that this is a sign. Indeed, popular rumor has long passes from mouth to mouth observation. However, it is not without real subtext – so, dogs incredibly sensitive to smells. AND, howling with their muzzle up, they can warn that something is on fire somewhere.

Folk omens: what they give explanations

Our ancestors – especially those who lived in maal – they liked to explain everything with signs, and now which have come down to us with regards to dog dosage:

  • If dog howling in the street staring at a door or gate, so get ready to receive negative news from somewhere from afar. Most likely they will come from relatives, friends, living not nearby. Another interpretation: trouble will happen to the owner, but it will happen outside the walls of the house. In a word, expect trouble outside housing.
  • Also bad when the dog howls, approaching close to the person – this means that he warns him of the danger. It doesn’t matter when this, does the dog belong to this person or she is completely unfamiliar. In any case, her howl nearby does not portend no happy events.
  • If the dog howls on the eve of an important event, This means that this event will be associated with problems. For example, these may be trip or replenishment in the family, wedding.
  • If the animal not only howls, but also digs the ground, means, as our ancestors believed, it is worth expect death. She may appear as owner, and any of his relatives.
  • howl, associated with rolling on the ground, is interpreted not as creepy as it looks. It foretells only a few changes in the life of a dog owner. Quicker All in all, they will be significant.
  • If the dog just howls at night in the yard, means, as our ancestors believed, around some evil spirits roam the house. It was believed that the dog chases her away.
  • Howling from a kennel or any other shelter portends the arrival of bad news. And, most likely, fast.
  • Классический howling at the moon is, according to the sign, prediction of weather changes. В which side – warming or cooling – not specified, however changes are definitely to be expected.

Canine howl – perhaps one of the most unpleasant and creepy sounds. And, having heard it, everyone without exception becomes uneasy. Of course, this makes it interesting Why is such a sound produced. Hope, that I was able to explain.

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