Miks sa ei saa kassile silma vaadata: põhjused ja märgid

Miks sa ei saa kassile silma vaadata: põhjused ja märgid

Why can’t you look a cat in the eyes, even if you don’t wish her harm? Surely many have heard of such a warning. However, does it make sense? As it turned out, such an action is indeed undesirable, and in this article we will talk about why.

Why can’t you look at cat eyes: natural causes

Why scientists do not recommend pikk look into the cat’s mirror of the soul?

  • For in order to fully understand why you can’t look a cat in the eye you need to look at history. Despite that the domestication of the ancestors of this animal happened many centuries ago, some instincts settled down like this deep in the subconscious of cats that they relevant to this day. In particular, it concerns the method of conflict resolution. Recommended watch street cats. They often resolve disputes look into the eyes of an opponent. Close look is their weapon, a method of demonstration strength, confidence, willingness defend your interests to the end. AT in principle, the same instincts easily can wake up in a domestic cat, if a person looks into it for a long time eyes. The animal will think that the person demonstrates aggression claims. So it is not excluded response – an attack, for example.
  • Also the pet may think that the owner expresses contempt. And, of course, in such conditions, the animal is sure wants to assert itself and at the same time show the person that he is wrong. And how can this be achieved? Showing who the owner of the house, demonstrating strength.
  • Cats cannot see the whole picture of the world at once the way a person does it. For to consider some a specific object, the cat focuses on it is sight, peering intently. And this often happens in nature in hunting time. Therefore, focusing in front of a person, the cat automatically may begin to perceive it as prey, may appear unreported desire to attack.
  • Cat can easily think that a person wants to encroach on her property. For example, on toys or feed, couch. In nature, attempts to take away someone property just start with like views.

Let’s talk about signs

А what does the folklore say?

  • Ранее it was believed that the cat is often moved otherworldly entities. To a large extent this was due to a mysterious glow the eye of an animal that manifests at night. So, look into such eyes for a long time simply dangerous! You never know what essence can be invoked in this way.
  • Märgid that cats are guides between the world of the living and the world of the dead, found in our ancestors very often. These animals, it was believed, could easily communicate with the souls of those who have gone to another world and contact with other otherworldly entities. And if so, then do not risk whether a person intervene in such contact, accidentally look behind the veil of the mysterious peace?
  • Ancient the Egyptians even assured that, intently and looking into the cat’s eyes for a long time, a person runs the risk of not only seeing the afterlife, but also to get there. Even you can stay there forever!
  • Some superstitions told that a cat, looking into the eyes of a person, takes away his life energy. And moreover, directs her to the otherworldly world. What will they do with that energy? inhabitants of this world, remained, in the opinion ancestors, one can only guess. By the way, often people really do after a long eye contact with the animal is felt some emptiness. However, this quite explained by some hypnotic the effect that the cat produces as predator.

Cat’s the eyes are incredibly attractive. No wonder it pulls them consider! However, do it for a long time. still not worth it, and even if a person does not believe in mysticism. It’s better to respect privacy pet space by controlling your curiosity.

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