Miks koer tagumiku peal sõidab? Peamised põhjused

Miks koer tagumiku peal sõidab? Peamised põhjused

“Why is the dog rides on the priest? – this question is asked by many owners dogs. Cause, according to experts, not alone. I suggest looking into each of them.

Why does the dog ride on the priest: cleanliness

Happens such that the matter is trite in the fact that the priest pet after natural excercise needs is far from pure. And he with simple gestures seeks her just clean it on the carpet, for example. Toilet paper, after all the dog can’t use it! Even the most quick-witted.

Normally whether this phenomenon? Not really. A business that, ideally, a pet should not get dirty. The stool of a healthy dog ​​has such consistency that allows easy to separate from the anus. And, therefore, the animal feels itself clean.

IMPORTANT: But if the stool becomes liquid, the animal instinct of cleanliness takes its toll. The problem is that loose stools are not normal.

If such a case is isolated, panic, of course I don’t recommend it. Maybe a pet ate something not from the main diet that didn’t suit him.

А now if loose stools are constant, definitely you have to think about what is with the diet something is wrong with the animal. For example, the dogs do not tolerate fatty, spicy food – so it should not be given. Or the food is spoiled. Also some products may simply not be digested – for example, to the surprise of many, such milk can have an effect. Need to turn on more healthy foods in the diet, containing vitamins, minerals, protein, iron etc. It is likely that such a simple step will solve the problem.

However, the with the composition of the menu itself, everything can be okay. But the dog has a tendency to overeating. Then he will also receive output of liquid feces. Or the source of the problem may be that the owner I decided to change my pet’s diet. But, to unfortunately, he did it abruptly – then and dog gastrointestinal tract react with protest.

However, the the animal can eat well, but still going to the toilet turns around the need to clean the ass. Advise In this case, inspect the area which is located tagumine üle andma. Maybe long hairs interfere or tangles, to which feces stick very easily. Especially, as can be understood, this long-haired individuals suffer. If a this is so, the banal hygienic will help out haircut.

Paraanal sinusitis as driving reasons

Как experts admit, this reason is the most common. What is this strange phrase? Everyone knows that if a dog likes territory and she wants to show that she has rights in this place, a mark is left. For that simple action meets special gland. It is called paraanal.

So here, sometimes the work of the paraanal glands is violated. В the result is an odorous secret, which and there is a mark, changes the consistency. In this and lies the source of the problem. That is the secret becomes more liquid than before. Or, conversely, thicker. How consequence, the gland becomes clogged and occurs her inflammation. Indeed, on the tissues and organs, next to which is anal passage, pressure is exerted.

В the result is the following additional, besides itching, signs, which will help to more accurately identify this phenomenon:

  • pain Feel. Their place of concentration anus and the area around it. That is, the animal just tends to scratch the ass, but also in every possible way shows his more serious discomfort. Inflammation is not comic!
  • Dream sometimes becomes restless. Unpleasant sensations torment those affected by sinusitis, unfortunately, and in a dream.
  • It is quite it is likely that the dog will eat less. And sometimes, by to my observations, the animal does refuses food.
  • Consistency chair may well change. That is not only does the secret look different. And if in most cases the host usually does not look at what is there pet marks territory, then change the state of excrement will notice for sure.
  • В sores may appear in the anus cracks.

What are the What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

  • Stress. That’s why it’s one of the most frequent answers to the question of why the dog rides on the pope. Vivid experiences are not uncommon even in the animal kingdom. And from them, unfortunately, 100% insurance is impossible.
  • Subcooling. Walking in cold weather, lying on drafty may well transform in the future into such inflammation.
  • Wrong balanced diet. Gotta say that the phrase “we are what we eat” relevant for dogs as well. illiterate compiled menu turns around frequently such consequences.
  • Hormonal failures. Here, too, everything is like with people – violations in this area turn into the appearance masses of problems.

What should be done as a result? First of all, I advise you to contact a veterinary clinic to clean the glands from the secret that has stagnated there. And only then you need to find out the exact cause of this problem in this particular case in order to prevent this in the future.

Miks koer tagumiku peal sõidab? Peamised põhjused

Driving due to helminths

А about this reason, as I noticed, dog breeders think most of the time. И sometimes they are right! Helminths – or, in common parlance, “worms”, as their also called – cause in animals a lot of anxiety. When parasites in the intestines accumulate a lot, they trying to get out through the anus his master. Of course this action causes itching in the animal. How to cope with an itch on their own, in understanding dogs? Active licking or riding on the butt.

But driving on the floor is not the only symptom there are several of them:

  • Constipation and diarrhea. That’s right: these two phenomena may well alternate. Infection with helminths – just the one happening. The dog can’t go to toilet, then does it, on the contrary, often.
  • Consistency feces are unusual. It may well pieces of helminths are present or even blood marks.
  • Process absorption of food in the same way as her bowel movement is different. doggy can go from one extreme to another: She doesn’t want to eat at all eats too much. However, the any one of the these states.
  • Stomach may be somewhat bloated. Even with that the weight may be reduced.
  • Limbs sometimes they swell.
  • Hair and the skin looks absolutely unpresentable.
  • В in some cases, there is a cough. Not all owners are aware associate it with parasites, however it is worth take note of this phenomenon.

Как do the owner? Get rid of pet parasites, otherwise he himself will not cope. А hope the worms go away themselves, at least, too naive. Specialists recommend purchasing one of the following drugs – Caniquantel, Drontal, Milbemax. They are fine cleanse the body of parasites.

canine hemorrhoids

For sure readers know that due to low mobility, hormone problems or being overweight hemorrhoids appear. The same thing happens and with dogs – expansion of hemorrhoidal vein occurs in them. However, the as I noticed, due to excessive activity it is also likely.

Incidentally, important role in the prevention and correction situation with hemorrhoids is played by the diet. For example, if the owner prefers regaling your pet with dry food, but not provides enough water when a similar problem may occur.

What are the what are her symptoms?

  • Besides the fact that the animal arranges rides by sex, it often licks anal hole. Of course it’s normal phenomenon. however when licking happens way too often worth worrying about.
  • Constipation. The dog gets nervous that feels attempts to relieve need, but unable to make it clear reasons. If you still manage to go to the toilet, it looks enough peculiar – the dog can accept unusual posture.
  • Consistency stool is usually very hard. Even too compared to normal. Sometimes in it traces of blood can be seen.
  • В anal area attentive the owner may notice education in the form of a bump.

That recommended to take in such case?

  • Before All you need to do is fix your diet. That eat to saturate it with fiber. But that one foods that cause constipation exclude from the diet. This, for example, rice and semolina porridge, rich meat broths. The potato also holds together.
  • Warm enemas should also help.
  • More recommend using laxatives like the most ordinary castor oil, Dufalac. Help and candles such as Relief, Anuzol.
  • В some especially neglected cases do without the intervention of a surgeon.

Riding on the butt because of colitis

Colitis, in a way that is understandable to the average reader tongue is an inflammation that occurs in the large intestine. According to statistical data, this disease in dogs is one of the most common.

That can lead to it?

  • Different foreign objects stuck in intestines. It could be shards bones, for example. Therefore, not all bones should be given to the animal. Even Contrary to the popular myth that that dogs are useful to all without exception bones. However, the often animals eat and just inedible items – especially young, I noticed. For example, one of them may accidentally swallow a toy.
  • On the surprise, even some, it seemed would, harmless food can lead to colitis. For example, vegetables and fruits in raw look, spring grass.
  • Worms also able to lead to colitis.
  • allergic reactions to something, viruses, no matter how strange, also sometimes lead to this trouble. Although an ordinary dog ​​breeder difficult to make a connection.
  • Some diseases are also the starting point dot. For example, gastroenteritis pancreatitis.
  • Even A healthy body does not protect against stress. If the stress was strong, it’s quite real appearance of colitis.

Как recognize colitis?

  • Dog will experience discomfort in the area abdomen – we are talking about pain. Even frequent rumbling should alert dog owner.
  • Gas formation happens frequently.
  • Recommended measure the temperature – in some cases, it may be increased.
  • Appetite often on the decline. Respectively, the weight also decreases.
  • Smell from the mouth should also alert. It is clear that dogs do not brush their teeth and they don’t smell like mint gum from their mouths, however smell due to colitis especially unpleasant.
  • On the the tongue develops a grayish coating.
  • Periodically vomiting occurs.
  • Tachycardia is also possible.

Than help your pet?

  • Again, a lot depends on the diet. perfect in this case, a diet with low calories and high dietary fiber content.
  • Necessary give antibiotics and anti-inflammatory purposes. For example, Biseptol, Trichopol, Kanamycin.
  • Antispasmodics like No-Shpy and Baralgin will also come in handy.
  • It is believed, which somewhat helps the introduction of the solution from water and salt.
Miks koer tagumiku peal sõidab? Peamised põhjused

Riding on the bottom because of enterocolitis

It phenomenon differs from the previous one in that what is inflammation both the large and small intestine. Unfortunately, such an ailment greatly affects the mucous membrane, so the intestines are not able to normally function. And therefore the animal may begin to itch.

Как still recognize enterocolitis?

  • Periodically the dog can be nauseated.
  • Definitely look at the chair. Most often he is liquid. Sometimes there may be blood.
  • However, the constipation is possible from time to time.
  • Stomach sometimes it hurts, its swelling is observed. You can also hear rumbling sometimes.

because of what can a dog get like that trouble?

  • Как and in the case of colitis, the culprits are quite there may be worms. Of course, in that case if you don’t take care of them from the body of the dog.
  • infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, even if they pass, they can give like this complication.
  • Wrong the diet is also fraught in this case, how much I noticed. Cases of poisoning are also strongly affected.
  • If the dog took it for a long time antibiotics, as a result it can get the following result.

Methods getting rid of enterocolitis are as follows:

  • Antibiotics – yes, even if the dog is injured from other antibiotics, they are needed. AT In this case we are talking about Kanamycin, Levomycetins.
  • Useful and such anti-inflammatory drugs, like Meloxivet, Prednivet.
  • Adsorbents and antispasmodics also advise stocking up – for example, Enterosgel, Vetsorbin.
  • Will be required probably multivitamins, remedies for worms, various buffer solutions.

Keha dehüdratsioon

Also this phenomenon is called “dehydration”. What might cause it? After all pet dog has access to clean water!

Topics However, there may be several reasons:

  • Failure the kidneys.
  • disease, associated with the endocrine system.
  • Different work related ailments gastrointestinal tract. After all, often as a result of these troubles diarrhea, vomiting appear. And they, like known to be dehydrated. For the same cause the trigger may serve as poisoning.
  • Oncological disease.

Evidence dehydration are:

  • No not only itchy, but also painful. The fact is that hard feces injure both intestines and anus. AT depending on the extent of such damage. and uncomfortable sensations varying degrees of intensity.
  • Animal, As I already wrote, periodically feel sick.
  • Dog often feels lethargic. В such moments I advise you to measure her pulse Don’t be surprised if he palpate weakly.
  • Mucous shells will be sticky to the touch.
  • Leather loses its healthy appearance, becomes flabby.
  • Observed sunken eyes.

What kind what action needs to be taken?

  • Necessary carry out infusion therapy. That is provide an infusion of special saline or glucose. Also good to drink the dog Regidron.
  • Necessary also think about how to ensure liquid diet. Soups are great! Or you can give food in semi-liquid виде.

Some owners, seeing that their dog starts sit down on the floor and ride on it, start having fun, shoot this process on camera. Maybe similar phenomenon and looks funny, but in in reality it is a problem. Hope this article helped one of the dog owners to understand at the root of this problem.

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