Miks ei kooru tibud inkubaatoris?

Miks ei kooru tibud inkubaatoris?

“Why don’t chickens hatch in an incubator?” – this question is often asked by those who want to start breeding birds. It would seem that modern technical solutions like a special incubator should help. But not everything is so simple. Let’s see why the breeding of bird offspring can break.

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Sources of problems in this case may lie in the following aspects:

  • When wondering why chickens do not hatch in an incubator, you need to first make sure that they are fertilized. A little advice on how to do this: each egg must be viewed in the light. That is, either due to bright natural light, or using a lamp. The embryo, if present, will be viewed.
  • The eggs may be somewhat deformed or damaged. Most of the time it’s not the person’s fault. You just need to get used to the fact that each egg must be carefully examined before being placed in the incubator.
  • Dirt on the shell is also harmful. Of course, its appearance is natural, but it is definitely worth getting rid of. The fact is that dirt can lead to the appearance of mold, bacteria. And they, in turn, do not allow the embryo to develop.
  • The embryo may simply stop developing. And even if the farmer is very caring and knows his business well. This is a natural process that just needs to be taken into account.
  • It also happens that the shell is too strong. Or, on the contrary, the chicken itself is too weak. In a word, he simply does not have enough strength to get out of his shelter. Sometimes a too strong film that lies under the shell becomes an obstacle.

Why don’t chicks hatch in the incubator: human error

Inexperienced in this case, people can admit The following vead:

  • On the condensate may form in the shell. This happens if a person mistake by immediately placing the eggs out cool place in the incubator. Condensation can clog pores shells that interfere with the normal gas exchange. Over time embryos die before oxygen deficiency. For to avoid this, it is recommended hold 8 or even better. 10 hours eggs at room temperature.
  • System ventilation in the incubator itself should be well established. Modern incubators are able to provide excellent air circulation. However, it happens anything, and then you can not do without additional ventilation. Owner should open the incubator periodically, albeit not for long.
  • Some novice farmers find it useful experiment with temperature inside the incubator. Like, stages of formation embryos are different, and hence the temperature indicators should also change. On the this is actually a misconception. After all the body temperature of the mother hen does not change, it is stable during the entire incubation period. This means that the incubator must be configured on the same principle. The most The best temperature is considered to be within from 37,5 to 38,0 degrees. At a higher temperature, overheating will occur, and at a lower level, the embryos will freeze.
  • Some farmers think it’s easy enough put eggs in an incubator – and this enough. Actually they need turn over, and in manual mode. You can do this once or twice a day, but without missing a single day. Otherwise uniform heating will not work.
  • Hence another error occurs. There is an opinion what do eggs need when turning sprinkle with water. And it really so, then only in the case of waterfowl birds. If the eggs are chicken, soak they are not only undesirable, but also harmful. The only thing is, on the 19th day, a little sprinkle the eggs so that when the chick will start hatching on the 21st day, he it was easier to break through the shell.
  • Can to happen and failure in the supply of electricity. If it happens all the time, chicks may well die. The farmer is very It is important to periodically check how electricity is supplied to the incubator.

Breeding chickens is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. A lot of factors – both dependent on the person and not dependent – can interfere with the implementation of the idea. We hope that our recommendations will help you avoid mistakes.

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